Viking Shields

Wooden and steel Viking shell
Functional Viking shell made of wood with steel fittings. Strong grip on the back with self-adjusted handles and handles.
Wooden and steel Viking shell
Viking Wooden shield with Nordic griffon motif
This round shell is made of approx. Plywood 13 mm thick and painted with four griffons or Nordic dragons. Maybe this is the Midgard Serpent.
It features a steel armor head, four ornamental molding accessories made of brass at the front and a solid wooden handle on the back. The edge of the shell is coated with leather.
- Material: approx. 13 mm thick plywood
- Painted with a Nordic horse pattern
- Including steel trap and decorative brass accessories
- Diameter: approx. 91.5 cm (36")
- Weight: approximately 6.1 kg
Viking Shield in wood
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Viking functional shield in wood with steel and contour endings. Comes prepared with handle and arm rest.
Norman Kite Shield
Flooring made of plywood and covered with a canvas painted with green and yellow illustrations that can be seen in the "Bayeux Tapestry". The Bayeux tapestry shows the normanconquest of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
The shield features 3 adjustable leather straps that allow you to use with one arm or hang on your shoulder. On the back, it has a leather padding to protect the arm. The umbo is dismantled. You will have to do it with the screws we send you, or you can decorate it to your liking.
Norman Shield
Shield madeof wood, coated with canvas. The shield ispainted with Viking motifs. A similar shield can be seen on theBayeux tapestry. TheBayeux tapestry shows theconquestof England by theNormans andat theBattle ofHastingsin 1066.             
Therearethree adjustable leatherstrapson the backof the shell,which allowsyou to wearitonthe armor hang itoverthe shoulder aswell. The umbo is supplied disassembled and with rivets.            
- Material: pressed wood
- Thickness: approx. 1 cm
- Height: approx. 134 cm
- Width: approx. 56 cm
-Weight: approx. 2.85 kg  
Viking shield wood
13 mm plywood Viking shield. thick with leather-lined edge and decorated with Nordic horses. Includes wooden handle.
Functional shield
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made of varnished wood with boss and a riveted cross made of steel.
The shell has 5 leather straps to carry comfort.

Height: approx. 129 cm
Width: approx. 60 cm
Material thickness: approx. 1.3 cm
Weight: approx. 4.5 kg

Viking Shield
Mini Targe, small scottish round shell with brass accessories

Small Scottish Round Shield for Battle, Mini Targe
This Scottish Targe is really a piece of history! 1745/46 during the Jacobite uprising, a William Lindsay who was a squire in Perth, Scotland, made hundreds of targes for the army of Charles Edward Stuart. He made a price distinction between an officer's stripe and a common stripe.
Wooden round shell with steel accessories
Wooden round shell ShellRound wooden decorative with steel accessories.The back of the shell is covered with leather and equipped with two riveted leather straps.Details:- Material: wood, steel and leather- Diameter: approx. 61 cm- Thickness: approx. 1.4 cm- Weight: approx. 3.6 kg
Big wooden round shell
Big wooden round shellThis is a round wooden shield ready for battle with shield boss and steel frame. Although reconstructions are often very small, it is finally up to the originals. A sturdy leather-wrapped strap is riveted at the back of the shell.A very functional and authentic shield.Details:- Material: wood, steel, leather- Diameter: approx. 77 cm- Thickness: approx. 1.2 cm- Weight: approx. 4.5 kg