Leather Boot
Very solid front ankle boots. Each boot has two shoelaces for fixing to the side.
Similar shoes were worn from 1250 to 1500 AD.
The sizes are normal, but the shape is narrow, especially on the fingers.
We recommend choosing a larger size if you want to have space or if your feet are wide.
Leather hat
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Handmade leather hat
Leather Boot
The closure of straps and buckles ensures a firm fit on the foot. The heel cover is reinforced for special use, the sole is fixed in a very stable nailing process.
Medieval Black Perponto
A very thick and solid black gambeson with detachable arms that protects your torso and descends to your hips. It can be used on its own or serve as essential fill under mail or armor. Comes with a high collar and can be closed at the front with five leather straps with brass buckles. Very suitable for heavy armor or simply to dress your LARP character.

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- Material: 100% cotton (contains non-textile parts of animal origin)
- Wash at 40 degrees
- Color: black
Leather Boot with Buckles
Medieval buckle shoes with buckles
A pair of buskins in the late medieval style, made of light brown leather. Comparable models were found in excavations, for example. in Constance.The shaft above the buckles can be used up or handcuffed down. The middle strap, all equipped with contemporary buckles, goes around the ankle, providing a firm hold. The sole and flat heel are attached by nails and very stable. With regular care, these shoes will remain intact for a long period.
Perponto with buckles, black color
A gambeson is almost indispensable for the reenactment and the struggle for the medieval show.
The gambeson, also called a "coffin," padded jack or dupleto of weaponry, was usually used under the suitcase and plate armor. This made the use of these steel armormore comfortable for the knights. Made of four layers: two layers of a wool padding, an outer layer of canvas (100% cotton) and an inner layer of soft cotton. Materials: - outer cloth: fabric in 100% cotton-inner lining: 100% cotton- filler: 100% wool Color: black Size table: (all measurements are about)
Perponto Largo
Long, padded perdot with lined buttons.Made of four layers: two layers of a blend of cotton and wool, an outer layer of thick cotton (canvas type) and an inner layer of thinner cotton.Material:- 100% cotton
- Filling: 100% wool
Leather pirate hat
Handmade leather pirate hat
TS (Circumference 57 cm).
T - M / L (Circumference (60 cm).
T - XL (Circumference 63 cm).
Roman sandals, caliga
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Roman sandals, caliga, light brown

These sandals were worn by Roman legionaries and peasants.

- 3 mm thick leather
- pleated leather bead
- Color: brown

Various sizes available.
Wide stitch with removable sleeves, black
This thick and comfortable gambeson (padded jacket) is medium thigh long and suitable for reissue. It has removable sleeves tied to the jacket that ventilates the armpits. A gambeson (also called aketon, gambison, armament sucker) is a padded mesh piece that was worn under plate armor or chain box.Details:- Outer material and lining: 100% cotton- Padding: 100% polyester (this will keep you drier than cotton padding).