Phantastic Daggers

Dragon daggers with wooden support
Another quality John Barnett product, in imitation of a dagger dating from the early 15th Century. The 'quillon' is the cross-piece placed protectively at the base of the blade.
Eagle Launcher
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Eagle shooter. Includes desktop support.
Short jellyfish jellyfish with scale handle, finished in aged silver and stainless steel blade, temperate and satin with wide and empty edges. Length 29 cms and weight 850 grams
Dagger Aguia
Eagle dagger with stainless steel blade guard and engraved pommel with Brassed handle and wood. Wide -. 30.5 cms. Includes metal shell with gold engravings.
Dagger, the Wildhunt Witcher
Unofficial dagger of Geralt de Rivia, protagonist of the book and video game saga The Witcher. On the button you can see the details in the nickel color of the wolf. The total size of the dagger is 40 cms. Includes pod.
Kris Dagger, Cold Steel
The Philippine Islands are widely known for their vast array of edged weapons. There is a wide variety of styles Kris sword to choose from, as each island, region, or clan has its favorite, with some placing more emphasis on cutting, while others prefer styles more conducive to thrusting.The blades of the Kris Daggers Cold Steels are made of 1055 high-carbon steel with hard spring tempering. They are polished, satin, and fully sharpened. In profile, Kris blades feature a moderately wavy blade shape with three concave curves and a long, descending spearhead found on almost all Kris swords. This blade shape strikes a good balance between cutting power and thrust capacity. The base of the blades ends in traditional flanges decorated with "file cut", with the shorter ones protecting the finger and the longer ones protecting the thumbs and lower forearm.Classic straps emphasize strength and durability at the expense of fashion. Hand-carved from exotic wood from Sal, they are wrapped in wire and embellished with a brass cushion. Each Kris comes with an equally sturdy and practical sheath.Details:- Blade material: 1055 high carbon steel- Overall length: approx. 46.4 cm- Blade length: approx. 32.4 cm - Blade thickness: approx. 5 mm- Cable length: approx. 14 cm- Weight: approx. 518.8 g- Cold Steel® Product No.: CS-SW-KRISDAG