Medieval Swords

Sword 2 hands
The blade of this sword is forged from high quality carbon steel in one piece to the handle with double riveting for safety. Cross protection is hand forged carbon steel.
Functional Bastard Sword
Classic functional bastard sword of the 15th century used in the Battle of Bosworth for the throne of England between the houses of York and Lancaster. A weapon, although long also light and well balanced. Blade forged in carbon steel 1065 and leather handle. The button and the guard are old. Includes hem.
Functional English bastard sword
This sword is a replica of the A477 number from the famous Wallace collection. It was mainly a cutting sword, with a wide blade with a crushed oval cross section that opposed little resistance in a cutting blow. A perfect example of a true bastard sword. The proportions of the sword are those of a one-handed sword, but with a slightly longer pommel and a fist shape that allows you to use with both hands. The grip is made of wood covered with drawstring and leather. The long quillion is decorated at the end and the side rings provide good protection by hand. Well-tempered high carbon steel blade. Note: To be so faithful to the original, the old finish is applied by hand and will vary with each sword.
European short sword, 18th century
18th century European short sword used by cavalry and navy with sheath. It has EN45 carbon steel sheet. Protector, grip and with welded handles. Includes leather-covered wooden sheath with brass fittings.
Cross-sword with an oupendal with sheath, functional
Medieval sword of a functional hand with ctogonal button. Hand forged in EN-45 steel with heat treatment. It has a hardness of 48-50 HRC. Leather-covered handle. The tip of the blade is rounded and the edges are blunt. Includes leather hem coated in leather.
Archer Sword, Year 1400
As always, the quality of John Barnett stands out in this sword dating from about 1400.
The Archers Sword project is about the late 13th century onwords. The short wooden handle makes it surprisingly easy to handle. Created in the same way that swords were made centuries ago, except that the blades are now forged from spring steel with high carbon content, a resource unavailable to the blacksmiths of the ancient. The blade has a clear polished finish that is closely replicating what the medieval blacksmith was able to achieve. Accessories are polished steel and all these swords have hardwood hems covered in leather.
Main features
High-quality construction

EN45 steel spring
2-man Scottish Sword
Incredible Scottish hand sword with two hands. It's a decorative piece. Carbon steel blade and leather covered handle. Its impressive size, 168 cm., It is credited as one of the longest swords.
Medieval Sword
Fantastic sword wizard. With stainless steel blade and leather grip and finished in aged silver.   Long. - 119 cms.
Fantastic black sword with sheath
Forged by the dark elves many centuries ago, this sword was guarded by the forest elves for hundreds of years until it was handed over to a man. It was known by many names, but was definitely called the medieval "Blacksword" after that. Feared by evil orcs, dwarves, men and beasts alike. The bearer of the sword performed many great deeds until his death while killing a great evil dragon. It is a beautifully weighted and balanced sword of war, worthy of a legend. The pieces are black, the handle is made of wood wrapped in leather for a secure footprint and the blade, made of high carbon steel, fully tempered, is bluish with an elegant black luster.
Comes with hem.