Swords Rapier

Rapier Sword, 17th century
Decorative rapier sword based on those used in the 17th century. Manufactured with carbon steel blade with brass handle and threaded.
Rapier Sword for Practices

Sword handle swordsman with bow and rounded tip, typical of the Renaissance ideal for training. Manufactured by Paul Chen of Hanwei with 1065 high carbon steel blade with a hardness of 50 HRC. Includes leather-covered wooden sheath.
Sword Rapier germany sec, XVII
Sword of decorative German rapier, sixteenth century, Pappenheim, with guard in the form of basket and arches. Includes wooden sheath with metal endings.
Rapier sword with sheath
Sword sword with sheath included. This rapier sword is typical of the Renaissance. Total length: 110 cms.
Renaissance sword for practices
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Sword of rebirth for practices with the assurance of Paul Chen of Hanwei. A safe, authentic and well-balanced piece.
Rustic Sword Carlos III ,77 cms
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Sword Cazoleta of Charles III in cadet size engraved and finished in rustic (steel tone). Blade in hardened stainless steel, forged and satin. Length 77 cm, weight 650 grams
Spanish Rustic Tizona Sword
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Spanish Tizona cazoleta sword in cadet size, with rustic finish (steel tone), steel bowl, handle and handle, and cross with mould guard. Sheets of stainless steel, seasoned, forged, satin and engraved. 74 cms, weight 1.1 kilos.
Spanish Rustic Tizona Sword
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Spanish tizona glass sword in natural size, with rustic finish (steel tone), complete steel cable set, stainless steel blade, hardened, forged, satin and engraved.Length 104 cm, weight 1,350 kilos.
Espada Colada del Cid in Silver
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Sword Colada del Cid natural, finished in silver aged and engraved, with stainless steel blade, hardened, forged and polished Length 103 cm, weight 1.6 kg
Rapiera sword with sheath
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Rapid Hilt Basket Rapier with Wire-Wrapped Grip

The rapier has been primarily a civil duel sword since the 16th century.

This Rapid Hilt Basket Rapier features a non-sharp blade made of high carbon steel, a sharp tip and a rolled wire grip.

The sheath is made of wood wrapped in leather and provides a throat and a plate made of metal.