Historical Fencing

Long sword for practicing medieval fencing
Burghausen longsword medieval fencing ideal for training and practicing. Blade forged in carbon steel with a hardness of 50-52 HRC and a weight of approximately 1.2 kg. Leather strap.
Sabre Steel Training
American cavalry saber, hand-forged 19th-century carbon steel strips and saved, falcons and brass handle. wooden cable. Includes metal sheath. Length: 107 cms.
Tinker Sword - Blunt
Tinker Longswords (Oakeshott Type XVIIIa) provide the WMA practitioner with a pair of quick and balanced swords that they will perform beautifully in experienced hands.

Sparring blunts have a longer time to balance thicker edges and a flattened tip section to provide the flexibility needed for safety. Perfume-smelling flat pommel (Type T-1) forms a natural two-way grip extension and square section protection (Type 2) provides solid safety. The wooden grip is coated with leather on the handle, with steel fittings. A leather covered hem is included.
Rapier Bradenburg sword with sheath
Around the 17th century
This impressive 17th-century Rapier is elegantly hand-crafted. It has a metal basket with an elaborate braid to protect the hand. The finely carved horn handle mimics the elegantly rotated metal of the handle and is hand-crafted and inserted with a single steel wire that provides excellent grip during duels.
Hand forged steel blade, high carbon content. Rich with detailed engraving.
It includes leather hem with braided metallic décor that complements this magnificent and fast Rapier.

Length: 112 cm
Leaf: 95 cm; 2 cm wide; Thickness of 4.8 mm
Weight: 1,250 g
Long sword for fencing
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Medieval long sword fencing Nuremberg, practical blunt SK-A