German Dagger
Replica of one of the models used by the Nazi dagger in Germany. It is a quality tack steel knife and stainless metal sheath.
Italic Empire Helmet
Roman imperial helmet, but with other engravings like the eagle and the golden tones. The Roman Legion was the basic infantry military unit of Ancient Rome. It consisted of a heavy infantry corps of about 5,000 and later 10,000 infanteria soldiers and several hundred knights.
Medieval Dagger
Includes leather hem with metallic finishes. Total length -. 45 cms.
Dagger Dog
Dog dagger with stainless steel blade guard and engraved pommel with Brassed handle and wood. Wide -. 30.5 cms. Includes metal sheath with gold engravings.
Both Shikoto Hidden Samurai
This Shikoto was both inspired and is worthy of the warrior who fights in the shadows - the Ninja hidden in the night.
Roman helmet red plume
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Red feather for Roman helmet with metal frame. To attach it to the helmet, it is necessary to attach the (straight) or (transverse).
Sword King Catholic
The Catholic Kings Sword with steel blade and rustic handle with engraved age. Size 103 cms.
Gladius Larp Roman Sword
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Epic Armory's Spatha is a LARP foam gun made of composite materials in the new hybrid method.

The shape of the Spatha dates back to the 1st century BC and lasted until the late Middle Ages Earls around 1050 AD.
Adopted from Celtic auxiliaries, The Spatha found its way into the Roman army and dissolved the Gladius around 200-300 AD.