Christopher Columbus

Sword of Christopher Columbus in gold
Christopher Columbus's sword in gold. A wise geographer and intelligent sailor, he conceived and matured his colossal project of exploration of the Indies in the western seas, a project he offered to various European courts and magnates and which encountered a gross opposition by the distrust of the company. He faced the most widespread beliefs of his time, maintaining his theory of the spartoricity of the earth.
Only after twenty years of multiple setbacks did he receive support in Spain from the Catholic Kings. Three caravels were granted, Pinta, Niña and Santa Maria, and on August 3, 1492, departed from the port of Palos. On October 12 of the same year he touched American lands and landed on the island of Guanahani (San Salvador), and the DISCOVERY OF AMERICA began.
Cristobal Colón Sword
Espada Cristobal Colón con terminación en latón decorated (a escoger sin vaina o con vaina de piel).
Cristóbal Colón (place discussed, c. 1451 - Valladolid, España, 20 de mayo de 1506) fue un navegante, cartography, almirante, virrey y gobernador general de las Indias al servicio de la Corona de Castilla, famous for haber realizado el denominado descubrimiento de América, en 1492