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Medieval Wooden Sword
Useful wood training sword, based on a genuine
Norman sword of a hand and a half!

Wooden swords are suitable for improving fighting skills.

Material: mango wood
Blade length: approx. 85 cm
Total length: approx. 105 cm
Weight: approx. 350 g
Vertical wall sword display
Adjustable wall support for sword, steel

This simple sword bearer with scissors-like mechanism is made of steel and can be attached to a wall, panel or wooden pole with a single screw. This device offers a perfect solution for vertical display/swords storage with a straight cross protection.

Katana Zoro One Piece
Katana of the character Zoro of the series One Piece. Includes wooden and velvet support. The pod is made of wood and the blade is made of stainless steel. Zoro is second to command of the team. He stands out for his handling of his swords and the determination to become the best swordsman in the world.
Katana Sasuke Uchiha of Black Naruto
Katana Sasuke Uchiha of Naruto unofficial replica of 99.5 cm black steel blade, black sheath, wooden handle.
Total size: 99.5 cmBlade size: 66 cmBlade thickness: 3.8 mmCable: Wood
Sword Art Online's Flashing Light Sword
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Sword art online Kirito Dark Repusler Sword, with a total size of 111 cm, finish with black and black steel blade finish with satin cut and black synthetic leather hem.
Medieval Dagger
Medieval dagger with a carbon steel blade 23 cms. Length 38 cms. Includes sheath
Katana Professional
Katana with carbon hardened steel oil blade to give greater strength and sharp with professional cutting. Includes support
Zoro's Mini Katana Enma from One Piece
Zoro's Katana Enma of One Piece unofficial replica of the 45 cm steel blade with black finish with red details and satin cut, black cable with gold details, with support.