Kit Rae - Mithrokil Sword , satin, with sheath
The last in the swords of the ancients ?? Collection! Mithrokil is the short sword of the ancient warrior Mithrodin Kethol Av Torketal (from the mythology of the Swords of the Ancients). Complete, tempered one-piece 3Cr13 stainless steel construction, the blade is adorned with a seavine design and the throat is wrapped in genuine leather. This short sword is available in satin steel finish. Each sword is marked with the Kit Rae emblem and includes a certificate of authenticity.
Anathar Power Sword by Kit Rae
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Signature Anathar Original Power Sword Kit Rae. Reedición of this sword with stainless steel blade 420 J2 and cable wrapped in leather. Includes certificate of authenticity.
Kit Rae - Sword Mithrodin OFFICIAL
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At the beginning of things in times past there were the Ancients, masters of flesh, fire and steel, who forged the elements of which the earth was made. When men and animals came into the world, the ancients proposed to rule over them, so they commanded the dark elves to create the swords of the ancients. They were forged from secret leagues and each sword was bequeathed to its own special power. Swords have been used over time in the eternal struggle between good and evil.
Black Legion War Axe Kit Rae
Relaunch of the Black Legion War Axe Kit Rae

The weapon chosen by the Black Legion, monstrous shallow soldiers of Evruc raised from the bowels of Ammon to war against the kingdoms of men (from the mythology of the swords of the ancients). Blade and back made of 420 stainless steel, engraved runes, solid metal fittings, black steel handle and handle soured in real leather. Includes a custom art print and certificate of authenticity.

- Total length: approx. 91.0 cm
- Blade length: approx: 50.0 cm
- Material: stainless steel blade 420

- Includes custom art printing
Sword Kit Rae Exotath Official
Famous fantasy artist and gun designer Kit Rae offers another design of his epic mythological tale "The Tale of The Swords of the Ancients and Other Blades of Power". This is Exotath, who granted his bearer the ability to see the future and therefore provided a great advantage in battle. The Exotath is 44 3/4" in total and features an impressive and finely detailed cast metal handle with antique finish and genuine leather handle. The 28 3/4" blade is constructed of 420 JS stainless steel accented by a coated leather blade handle.  This item also includes a certificate of authenticity and an art print signed by Kit Rae himself. Another excellent creation of this master craftsman!
Rae Mithrodin Kit, Schwert Dark Edition Fantasy
The highly popular Swords of the Ancients collection, created in 1997, has become legendary around the world among collectible sword enthusiasts who desire only the finest designs and the highest quality. This Rae Mithrodin: Dark Edition Fantasy Sword Kit is a special edition of the popular Mithrodin Sword from the Swords of the Ancients collection.