Blade Sword
Blade sword with harness to carry on the back. The katana sword of vampire vampire Blade, the daytime vampire Daywalker, half vampire, half human, played by Wesley Snipes in the trilogy.
Blade: Trinity is the third part of Blade, the popular vampire film saga released in 2004, as the first two films starred Wesley Snipes.
If you're a big fan of the movie Blade, you're sure to know the legendary vampire hunter's sword. Blade's sword is a faithful replica of the sword used by Wesley Snipes in the film. This sword, known as the Walker Sword 14315, is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a length of approximately 89 cm. It's a stunning and stylish piece that you can't afford not to have in your gun collection.
But who is Blade and why is this sword so special to him? Blade is a vampire hunter born half-vampire. Her mother died at the hands of the powerful vampire Deacon Frost, granting her superhuman abilities. Blade is a master of martial arts and is armed with an impressive arsenal of weapons designed by his friend Whistler, including his iconic titanium sword.
Unlike other vampires, Blade is not affected by sunlight. Although it's a bit uncomfortable for him, Blade isn't afraid to walk during the day, which has earned him the nickname "day walker." In addition, Blade speaks several languages, including Czech, Russian, and the language of vampires. He is determined to rid the world of vampires and his sword is his most valuable tool.
The Walker Sword 14315 is truly impressive in terms of design and quality. It is made of 420 stainless steel and has a straight, double-edged blade that tapers perfectly at the end. In addition, it has a very detailed protection that protects the user's hand and, at the same time, gives it a great aesthetic style.
If you're a true fan of the Blade movie and weapons in general, the 14315 Walker Sword is a must-buy! Not only is it a stunning piece in terms of style and quality, but it's also an iconic part of the Blade's history. Add this sword to your collection and be the envy of all your friends and acquaintances.
Below, we share a list with the main features of the Walker Sword 14315:
– Sword made of 420 stainless steel – Approximate length of 89 cm– Sleek and detailed design with protective guard– Faithful replica of the sword used by Blade in the film– Excellent for collectors and fans of Blade and weapons in general.
If you're a true fan of the Blade movie, this is your chance to own a replica of the sword that Wesle Snipes used in the movies. This sword has been hand-forged from high-quality carbon steel and is the first version with a sharp blade.
The sword measures approximately 89cm in length, being a faithful replica of the sword used in the film. In addition, it has an included sheath to protect the blade and keep it safe during storage.
Blade is a character who has always been greatly admired for his superhuman strength, speed, and martial arts skills. This sword, in addition to being a collector's item, represents a pop culture icon and a perfect piece for any fan of the film.
Every detail has been taken care of to the utmost to offer an exact and quality replica. The sword is strong and durable, perfect for display or use in cosplay. You may not be able to have Blade's superpowers, but you can have his iconic sword and feel just as powerful as he is.
Remember that since it is a replica of a movie rated for adults, you must be of legal age to purchase it. Check availability and get your very own Blade sword!
– Replica of the sword used by Wesley Snipes in the movie Blade.– Sharp, hand-forged blade.– It measures approximately 89 cm in length.– It has a sheath included to protect the blade.– Made of high quality carbon steel.– Sturdy and durable.– Perfect for display or cosplay use.– Pop culture icon.– Available for adults only.
In addition to its decorative beauty, the bent blade of this sword is both functional and durable. The blade is made of bent carbon steel, which means that multiple layers of steel have been used to create a stronger and more flexible blade.
The sword measures approximately 89 cm in length and is designed to be handled easily and efficiently. The handle is comfortable and made of durable materials that allow for a secure and firm grip.
The scabbard that comes with this sword is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. It offers complete protection for the sword when it is not in use and ensures that it is always in perfect condition.
This sword is an exact replica of the weapon used by Wesley Snipes in the movie "Blade". Blade is an iconic character in the world of superheroes, and this sword is a must-have collector's item for any fan of the movie.
If you are interested in purchasing this sword, do not hesitate to check its availability and place your order as soon as possible. You won't regret having this stunning item in your collection.
Are you a fan of Blade the Vampire Hunter? Do you love the intrigue and action of this movie saga? So, you can't help but get your hands on the Red Damascus Steel Functional Vampire Hunter Blade Sword 41526. This sword is one of a kind and special, known for being the first sword with a highly sharp blade forged by hand and bent into a unique edition of blood damask. This is not a replica or imitation, it is the real sword!
Blade is an extraordinary character in the fight against vampires. Unlike the rest of the vampire community, Blade possesses a rare ability that allows him to walk in sunlight, although it causes him some discomfort and so he must wear sunglasses. Because of this, he is known as Daywalker. Blade is a master of martial arts and enlists the help of his friend Whistler, who has created an arsenal of weapons for him that includes everything from his acid-etched titanium sword and glaive to a MAC-10 automatic pistol. Blade can speak multiple languages, including Czech and Russian, and of course, the language of vampires.
Blade the Vampire Hunter's Functional Sword, in Red Damascus Steel 41526, has a sharp, hand-forged blade and is an exact replica of the sword used by Blade in the film series. The attention to detail is impressive, and we guarantee that if you're a fan of the Blade, you'll be totally thrilled to see this sword in your hands.
Technical Details:
– Total Length: Approximately 85.5 cm– Blade Length: Approximately 66 cm– Cable Length: Approximately 16 cm– Blade Width: Approximately 3.3 cm near the handle– Blade Thickness: Approximately 5.3 mm near the handle and approximately 2.7 mm near the tip- Weight : Approximately 880 g without sword scabbard and 1.5 kg with sword scabbard.
If you are a fan of the Blade and want to have a sword to display in your home, this is the best option on the market. With its exceptional design, attention to detail, and impressively sharp blade, you can't go wrong with the Blade the Red Damascus Steel 41526 Vampire Slayer Functional Sword. Buy one today and feel the true thrill of being a vampire hunter like Blade!