Spartan Helmet King Leonidas
made of steel and bathed in aged brass. It is fully leather-clad with an adjustable lining and carries a genuine crest of horse hair. The helmet has an impressive height of 48 cm and is truly worthy of being worn by the historic King Leonidas. Includes exhibitor
Spartan Mask 300
Spartan mask film 300, no official version. The mask is functional, bronze in color with very well finished details. Made of polymer. The total size of the mask is 28 x 19 cms.
Spartan Helmet 300
Made with the finest materials, this amazing helmet is made of steel, aged brass lining and completely lined in leather with an adjustable lining.
Includes display support.

The helmet is 30 cm high and is made to withstand the rigors of Spartan life.
Spartan Leonidas Shield
This huge shell is made of steel and richly coated with aged brass. It is completely lined from the inside and carries the traditional leather straps.

Diameter: 91 cm
Weight: 7,711 g
Spartan Helmet 300
Corinthian helmet early, bronze, crestless

Callisto Shield
From 300: Rise of an Empire. This official replica of the Callisto Shield is made of 18-gauge steel with antique bronze finish. It is decorated in the center with medusa's face embossed.

It is 76 cm wide and features a leather strap on the back for perfect grip and is lined for added comfort.

Includes certificate of authenticity

Diameter: 76 cm
Weight: 5,900 g
Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®