Swords of History

Gladiator Sword
Gladiator Sword (you can choose with or without sheath Gladiators were fighters in the public games of ancient Rome.
Sword Colada Cid, golden
Colada del Cid sword made in Toledo (Spain), with stainless steel blade and gold-plated finishes with engravings.
Sword Odin
Odin sword, decorated with engraved stainless steel blade, blue tied handle and pommel and guard with engravings.
Sword King Catholic
The Catholic Kings Sword with steel blade and rustic handle with engraved age. Size 103 cms.
Sword William Wallace
William Wallace sword with sheath. The replica of the sword is based on the film Braveheart. Braveheart is a five-time Academy Award-winning film, including the Academy Award for Best Picture, released in 1995. It is an epic film based on the life of William Wallace, a Scottish national hero
Sword Duke of Alba
Sword Grand Duke of Alba with steel plate and engraved aged rustic finish. Length 103 cms.
Sword Charles V
Charles V sword with forged steel blade rustic finish
Total length of 103 cms.
Sword Discovery of America
Andspada Discovery of America made of stainless steel sheet, coated in velvet and with gold finishes and record of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America.
Lancelot Deluxe sword with sheath
Medieval sword with gold and blue enamel ends "deluxe" Zamak handle coated with imitation snakeskin. Zamak decorated with handles. stainless steel sheet also decorated. . Includes hem.
El Cid Colada Sword with Sheath
El Cid Sword. Rodrigo Diaz Vivar del Cid, Burgos was a Castilian knight who came to dominate the front of his own entourage of the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula in the late 11th century, independently under the authority of a king. Valencia managed to win in this city and established a separate domain from June 15, 1094 until his death. . Includes hem.