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English Police Baton
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Staff of the English Police

The baton used by the British "Bobbies" has always had a fascination for Cold Steel. These heavy handfuls were not only used as the "craft tool" for these tough cops against the criminal element of Victorian England, but also served as a symbol of authority and almost as an official badge - with the royal crest and its jurisdiction/department and number painted on the shaft.
Caltrop, hand forged in steel
Caltrop, hand forged in steel
Replica of a medieval caltrop, also known as chicken foot or Wolfsangel.
It consists of four sharp nails, three of which form the main pillars,
while a nail always points vertically upwards. The Romans already used caltrops,
who were called Tribulus.
Aquila - Standard, Roman Legionary Eagle
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Aquila - Standard Roman Legionnaire Eagle

The Aquila (lat. De Eagle) was the most prestigious military banner of the Roman legions and was kept in the greatest
veneration. The loss of this pattern, also known as the Legionnaires' Eagle, was considered shame and ultimate disgrace. in
On the other hand, the recovery of the lost Aquilae was hailed as a great victory.

Gladiator Network, Rete
Gladiator's network, also called The Rete.The retiarius was a Roman gladiator who struggled with stylized equipment in the style of a fisherman: a heavy net, a three-pointed trident, and a dagger (pugio). The retiarius wore light armor, wearing arm protection and shoulder protection. Usually, her outfit consisted only of a thong held in place by a wide belt, or in a short tunic with light padding. He didn't wear head protection or footwear. The net was used to catch the opponent, make him stumble or whip him.
Handcuffs with chain
Our reproductions of historical handcuffs are fully functional and suitable for various eras. They are forged in solid steel and with antique finish.
Features:- Material: steel- Inner diameter handles: approx. 7 to 8 cm- Total length of chain and handles: approx. 134 cm- Weight: approx. 1.2 kg
Springfield Saber Bayonet, with hem
The Springfield rifles, manufactured in the same name as the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, were part of the standard weaponry of American troops. A bayonet for hand-to-hand combat was often used in these rifles, the length of which could be compared to short swords. This authentic replica of the Springfield bayonet is made of steel with leather plates on the handle. The included sheath is made of leather and features steel fittings.
Drinking horn 0.5 l
Horn to drink made of real horn. Polished on the outside.Varnished inside with varnish for food (resists alcohol).If you request a specific color in the comments field, we'll try to provide it.Size: - drinking horn 0.5 l
Drinking horn 0.6 liters, varnished inside
Real drinking horn. Polished on the outside.Varnished inside with varnish for food (resists alcohol).If you request a specific color in the comments field, we'll try to provide it.Size: - drinking horn 0.6 l
Horn to drink 1.25 liters
Horn to drink made of true hornDuring the Viking era, as well as in medieval times, the horn to drink was a popular instrument
container for drinking. It was not used only for mead (honey wine).
Our drinking horns were polished on the outside, giving them a gentle touch
surface. The interior has been coated with varnish suitable for food (resists saliva and alcohol).
Be aware that these are products of nature and there are no two alike. You can
mention a specific color preference in the comments section of your request and
Let's try to provide it. The content may also vary slightly.
Volume content: approx. 1.25 liters
Medieval spring scissors, hand forged spring steel
Hand Forged Medieval Scissors / Spring Scissors, Spring SteelThe handmade spring shears we offer here are forged from a continuous piece of spring steel. The surface was left in its natural state to preserve its rustic and authentic character.
Imperial Leather Bag
Very robust and practical abdominal pouch made of leather in a slightly different look, but of course for use in all events, not just during a LARP. The more military look adds a little distinction to your costume, and it gets even more interesting if you use this bag to store your ammo in it! However, you can use it to store everything else you like to load with you. Just fasten the bag to the belt and you're ready to go.
Balicki Trainer Cold Steel
Balicki TrainerNow Cold Steel® is also offering a 'soft' Balicki training baton. Made with high-impact plastic soul and overmolded with foam and another layer of polypropylene, it offers greater margin of safety and comfort. Ideal for solo training and sparring, it is sure to give many hours of heavy use as its heavier brother. However, protection for eyes and hands is still required!
Horn Beer Mug / Tankard - Dragon
Large Tankard/Beer Mug, Genuine Viking Dragon Horn This generously sized mug/tankard with handle is handmade from cattle horn, polished and adorned with an engraved dragon, a popular motif in Viking art. The rustic and highly decorative container we offer here is not only ideal for re-enactment purposes, but also for everyday use.