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English Police Baton
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Staff of the English Police

The baton used by the British "Bobbies" has always had a fascination for Cold Steel. These heavy handfuls were not only used as the "craft tool" for these tough cops against the criminal element of Victorian England, but also served as a symbol of authority and almost as an official badge - with the royal crest and its jurisdiction/department and number painted on the shaft.
Hand-forged Medieval knife
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Hand forged stainless steel knife with medieval style leather case.
Caltrop, hand forged in steel
Caltrop, hand forged in steel
Replica of a medieval caltrop, also known as chicken foot or Wolfsangel.
It consists of four sharp nails, three of which form the main pillars,
while a nail always points vertically upwards. The Romans already used caltrops,
who were called Tribulus.
Aquila - Standard, Roman Legionary Eagle
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Aquila - Standard Roman Legionnaire Eagle

The Aquila (lat. De Eagle) was the most prestigious military banner of the Roman legions and was kept in the greatest
veneration. The loss of this pattern, also known as the Legionnaires' Eagle, was considered shame and ultimate disgrace. in
On the other hand, the recovery of the lost Aquilae was hailed as a great victory.