Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online's Flashing Light Sword
Sword art online Kirito Dark Repusler Sword, with a total size of 111 cm, finish with black and black steel blade finish with satin cut and black synthetic leather hem.
Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series by Reki Kawahara, which has been adapted into manga, anime, and video games.
It is set in a future where it is possible to fully immerse oneself in virtual realities through the stimulation of the central nervous system and presents theadventures of a group of teenagers in these virtual realities.
Flashing Light is Asuna's sword. Asuna is a heroine and Kirito's partner in the Sword Art Online series. She is the deputy leader of theguild "Blood Knights" in Sword Art Online. Her real name is Yuuki Asuna and she is the daughter of the former CEO of RECTO Progress Inc.
The Asuna turn signal light is made of polished carbon steel. The delivery includes a matt red lacquered wooden box.
Overall length: approx. 101cm
Blade length: approx. 65cm
Blade width: approx. 5cm
Strap length: approx. 22cm
Weight: 1.62kg Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Hardwood
This sword is hand-forged and has a sharp blade.
The Holy Sword Excalibur is a majestic longsword that is almost entirely gilded, including the hilt. Quillons are shaped like a small wing and have a small triangular plate with three gemstones.
It is the most powerful legendary weapon in ALfheim Online and the only weapon that surpasses the demonic sword. The sword will be given after completing the quest The Sacred Sword of the Ice Palace and is currently owned by Kirito.
Details:Total length 109 cmCable length: 23 cmBlade length: 86 cm Blade thickness: 0.4 cmSheath Material: LeatherWeight: 0.8kg
Sword Art Online is a light novel series by Reki Kawahara that has also been adapted as a manga, anime, and video game.
It is set in a future where total immersion in virtual realities can be achieved through direct stimulation of the central nervous system and depicts the adventures of a group of teenagers in these virtual realities.
This is Eugeo's sword from the Sword Art Online anime series.
Eugeo was one of the main characters in the first half of Alicization's story. He was Kirito's best friend and partner in Project Alicization.
Total length: 115cm
Blade length: 85cm
Handle length: 25cm
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
The Elucidator is Kirito's main weapon in Sword Art Online.
The Elucidator was first introduced when Lisbeth checked his name, to discover that he was not an armed player, but a falling boss, and Kirito requested a sword of the same quality. It was then used to test the strength of Lisbeth's best sword, which she broke with the Elucidizer.
Kirito Sword, Sword Art Online, Unofficial Model
Kirito Sword, Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online is a series of Japanese light novels written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. From them, several adaptations were created, both manga and anime.
Sword Art Online - The Sword of Yuki Asuna
Immerse yourself in the world of "Sword Art Online" with Yuki Asuna's stunning replica sword.This replica of the legendary anime sword captures the essence of the virtual world perfectly. With an impressive overall length of 110 cm and a powerful blade length of 75 cm, this sword is an absolute must-have for all fans of the series.This sword impresses with its striking features:The overall length of 110 cm makes this sword a showstopper that vividly expresses the grandeur of the virtual world. The 75cm blade length combines authenticity with manageability, allowing you to experience the allure of "Sword Art Online" up close.The handle of this sword is made of sturdy metal, providing not only a solid grip but also the feeling of holding a real sword. The blade width of 5.5 cm emphasizes the strength of the blade and underscores the imposing look of the sword.The blade itself is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and sturdy. The 14.5cm guard width is an elegant detail that adds to the balanced feel of the sword and highlights its elegance.Embellishments made of zinc alloy adorn the guard and handle, adding a touch of authenticity to this sword and adding to the feeling that you hold a piece of the virtual world in your hands.Get this remarkable replica of Yuki Asuna's sword to show off your enthusiasm for "Sword Art Online" and incorporate a piece of the virtual adventure into your collection. Whether you're collecting, decorating, or cosplaying, this sword allows you to experience the thrill of the series up close. Immerse yourself in the world of "Sword Art Online" and complete your passion with this stunning replica!Details:Total length: 110cmBlade length: approx. 75 cm Handle length: approx. 17 cmWeight: 1.6 kgBlade Material: SteelStainless Handle Material: MetalGuard width: 14.5 cmOrnaments: Zinc alloy