Weapons for Children


Roman Helmet for children
Galea Júnior, Roman Legionnaire Helmet for Children, Steel and Brass

Scutum , roman child legionnaire's shield
This shield is a reduced reproduction of an ancient tower shield (called scutum) from the 1/2nd century AD, as it was carried by legionnaires during the Roman Empire. Real Roman troops never left the camp without their shields. Like the armor (lorica), the helmet (gálea) and the short sword (gladius), the shield was an essential piece of any brave legionnaire's costume.

Children's Roman helmet with feather, plastic
Children's Roman helmet with feather, plastic

Whether in an antique market, children's birthday party, a LARP event or a carnival, with this great Roman helmet you can show your friends and enemies that you are always ready for the fight. The helmet would also fit for smaller adults.

Viking helmet for plastic children
Viking helmet for plastic children

The little warrior may also need a suitable helmet in addition to the sword, shield and axe to show his friends that he is the tallest and most feared Viking in the medieval market, larp event or just playing.

Wooden toy axe for children, with cable wrapped in jute
Wooden Toy Axe for Children, with Cable Wrapped in JuteAn essential part of any true hero's clothing, the axe walks hand in hand with the helmet and shield, and no brave Viking or adventurer should leave the camp without one!
Gladius Junior, Children's Roman Sword, Wood, painted
The gládio, the main weapon of the Roman legions, was used in many variations from the 4th century BC to the 3rd century AD. The real Roman soldiers never left the camp without their gládios. Just like the helmet (galleon), the shield (scutum) and the armor (lorica), the short sword was an essential piece of the garment of any brave legionnaire.
Children's bow with 3 arrows, wooden toy
Children's Bow with 3 Arrows,Wooden Toy Safe, with hole and suction cups - Due to the very safe design (with target guide hole in the bow and arrows with suction cups), outdoor activities become pure fun.
Squire Bow, medium
The small Squire Bow made of durable and flexible fiberglass is coated in velvet leather, features laminated wood ends and a velvet leather handle for better fixation and is perfect for LARP arrows. Included in the delivery is the bow, the rope and an arc box. This bow is great for use with any LARP character.