Both Shikoto Hidden Samurai
This Shikoto was both inspired and is worthy of the warrior who fights in the shadows - the Ninja hidden in the night.
Katana for practices
Katana for practicas. The sheath comes in laqueado wood.
DO NOT include wooden box.
Bushido Tanto
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Bushido Tanto
Tachi Samurai
Katana de tachi + dessert stand. Hoja acero al carbono.- 69 cms.
Both Kami with hem
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Hanwei's Kami Tanto has a k120C powder steel blade folded and hand forgedwith a Hand-engraved Horimono "Fudo" and Bo-Hi. The folding process creates hada exceptional, or grain pattern, along the blade accented by the distinct hamon. The ray skin used in tsuka is of the highest quality, and sageo is woven with Japanese seed of the best quality.
Katana Professional
Katana with carbon hardened steel oil blade to give greater strength and sharp with professional cutting. Includes support
Oda Nobunaga Kabuto
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The Japanese kabuto (helmets) and hanwei mempo (facial armor) are superbly constructed, beautifully detailed and of great value.
Both Professional with hem

The tantō is a short weapon, a "small katana", with the design of the leaf and the simplest tsuka (cable). It is loaded on the obi   (belt) because it can be hidden easily. Although the samurai's secondary weapon was wakizashi or kodachi (shorter than tachi), some samurai preferred the Tantō   for ease of handling and as a complement to their martial arts body.