Eduardo, o Príncipe Negro

Black Prince Sword
Black Prince Sword. Cadet size 75.5 cms. long, finished decorated brass.
Sword Black Prince
Edward of Woodstock sword known as the Negro.Com gold finishes.
Black Prince Sword
Edward of Woodstock (1330–1376), called Black Prince, was the firstborn of King Edward III of England and his wife, Countess Felipa of Henao. He had the titles of Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Wales and Prince of Aquitaine.
Called by his contemporaries simply as Edward of Woodstock, due to the place of birth, he was not called the Black Prince until the sixteenth century, referring to the supposed armor he wore. He was an exceptional military leader, and his victories over the French in the battles of Crécy and Poitiers made him very popular in life. In 1348 he became the first knight of the Order of the Garter, being one of its founders.