Scottish Swords

2-man Scottish Sword
Incredible Scottish hand sword with two hands. It's a decorative piece. Carbon steel blade and leather covered handle. Its impressive size, 168 cm., It is credited as one of the longest swords.
Irish Sword
Irish sword to fight for the light. High carbon steel blade with blunt and thick edges and rounded tip. The button is riveted to the peak. Wooden handle wrapped in leather.
Includes leather-covered wooden sheath.
Ideal for light combat, recreation and decoration.
Basket Sword Escocessa
Loop sword with typical Renaissance basket.Height: 89 cmWidth: 13 cmDepth: 18 cmWeight: 1.84kg
Sword loop basket for practical,model2
Loop sword with typical Renaissance basket. Another creation of Paul Chen of Hanwei to practice. Hand forged blade in 1065 high quality carbon steel with an estimated hardness of 50 HRC. Includes leather-covered wooden sheath.
Basket Scottish sword
Replica of a typical Scottish broad sword (Claymore) from the year 1828. The single-edged blade is made of carbon steel and has two fillers. This sword has a very decorative basket and a leather covered wooden hem.
Details: Total length: approx. Length of blade of 104 cm : approx. 89.5 cm Maximum blade width: approx. 3.8 cm Blade thickness: approx. 1.5 mm Weight: approx. 1.7 kg
Scottish basket sword with sheath
Replica of a typical Scottish broad sword (Claymore) from the year 1828. The single edge blade is made of carbon steel and has two fullers. This sword has a very decorative basket and a leather covered wooden hem.
Scottish sword claymore
The sword halflang is possible to see a uniquely Scottish design that has all the characteristics and features of manipulation of the other swords in use throughout the rest of Western Europe. Total length in this sword run largely on the handle and is secured at the top of the knob. 
Bannockburn Scottish Sword
Whether you are a descendant of Bruce or simply an avid collector of swords, you will really appreciate this piece as a true beauty. This sword has a design based on the Scottish swords of the time. It has a cross square with magnificent spaced ends and a round handle with a riveted block. This design of the masters Windcraft Steelcrafts, has a sheet of high carbon tempered with double channel in almost all its length. All accessories are solid brass, which have received an antique finish. The wooden handle has been coated with soft black leather for a secure grip.
Scottish sword claymore
The carbon steel blade is forged by hand. The wooden handle has leather wrapping.
Blade length: approx. 105 cm
Irish cape sword with ring apple, incl. Sheath
This one-hand sword is based on several original finds and 16th-century drawings of kerns (ceithern), the light infantry men who constituted most of the Irish forces in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. These Gaelic warriors, mainly mercenaries, proved their ferocity in many conflicts in the British Isles.
Scottish Claymore Sword of Two Hands, 17th century. XVI, no sheath
This two-handed clay sword (derived from the Scottish Gaelic word claidheamh -mòr, which translates simply as "great sword") is modeled after the impressive double-edged long swords wielded by the famous Scottish Highlanders during clan conflicts and border wars with the English crown between the 15th and 17th centuries.