Roman Shield Scutum oval latex
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Roman shield scutum oval with Roman military design and grip mounted on the back. Materials: fiber and latex. Height: 100 cm Width: 65 cm. Hand painted and designed for Roman style decoration, role playing and historical recreation.
Templar Knights Armor
Complete Armor of the Knights Templar with cape included. Hand manufactured treated steel for its correct conservation. The armor is a garment composed of metal parts or other resistant material that was used to protect the combatant's body.
Rifle Leg, USA,1892
What Steve McQueen used the television series Wanted (1958-1961). The gun was a Winchester caliber 44-40 Randall that could be used with one hand.
Both Shikoto Hidden Samurai
This Shikoto was both inspired and is worthy of the warrior who fights in the shadows - the Ninja hidden in the night.
Tunic of the Order of The Hospitable Knights
The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem has its origins until 1070, when a group of Italian marketers built a hospital in Jerusalem to care for pilgrims.When the Templars' growing popularity, the Monks warrior Hospitalries decide to change to get the donations they received military orders, although they never left their welfare and charitable duties.In 1306 they invaded the island of Rhodes and established their sedee there. They later moved to the island of Malta, where they continued to maintain the independence of their state and became known as "The Knights of Malta".