Soft Combat Daggers

Daga Maximilian I with hem
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Replica of maximilian dagger with high carbon steel blade. Includes leather hem with brass details. It is thought that this dagger was carried at the Battle of Guinegate or the Battle of the Spores in 1513.
Testicular dagger with sheath
Medieval testicular daga. The handle is made of wood and the genuine leather hem. The dagger and hem have a brass décor.
Ravenclaw functional dagger with sheath
The knife has a unique handle in the form of crow's claw made of molten metal. The blade is blackened to take a deep look. Includes metal and leather sheath.
Dagger for left hand with hem
Left hand dagger or mercy with soft guard and black leather hem. Carbon steel blade with vein, tempered and forged. Handle with rib handle
Hanwei dagger for left hand with hem
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dagger is often used in conjunction with the floret. Daggers allow a better defense against sword attack lets at the same time offer, but also the opportunity to counterattack quickly. Fencing schools in Europe proliferate teaches fencing with two corresponding arms. The style and design of the left often adjusted to the sword and took its properties in order to increase efficiency. The handle is made of wood. Swept game Hilt Rapier (SKU HN-SH1024) is also available. Main features: - easy and fast - ensure movable blade - Gun fencing of many associations