Blue Exorcist

Features include a large Tai Chi-style protection with matching silver fittings, a wooden handle with faux black fur and blue cotton wrap and matching wooden sheath with blue trim. with matching collar.In terms of katana sword design, the combination of blue, emerald green, and silver is not common, but this piece shows how well these colors go together. This unique design is sure to stand out in your sword collection.The protection and accessories are all constructed of metal, and to help keep this piece accessible, the protection is using a hollow construction instead of a solid one.It measures 106.7 cm in total.This sword is hand-forged and has a sharp blade.
If you're a fan of the Blue Exorcist, you certainly won't want to miss the opportunity to have the functional katana that Rin Okumura utilizes at all times in the anime. Made of high-quality damask steel, this katana has a natural satin and silver finish, which makes it very strong and durable. In addition, the wooden handle lined with black faux leather and blue cotton wrap adds a very authentic touch to the design.
The sharp, hand-forged, bent blade provides a precise cut, so you can cut through objects with ease. The matching spade tip completes the design and ensures a secure grip. The katana is lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for any type of action.
The included maintenance kit will be very useful to take care of and keep your katana in perfect condition. The matching wooden scabbard with blue finish will protect the sword blade and ensure its preservation, whether you carry it with you or display it in your collection.
The katana comes with a high-quality stand that will allow you to display it elegantly and in a prominent place. The large Tai Chi-style handguard with matching silver accents gives it a unique and distinctive look, and the color combination makes this piece truly special and eye-catching.
Don't miss the opportunity to have this authentic katana in your weapon collection or to use it in live demonstrations or cosplay reenactments. The overall length of the katana is 106.7 cm, which makes it perfect for any type of use. Get yours and dare to feel like a real exorcist!