Don Quijote Sword
In the sixteenth century pen Cervantes was born Don Alonso Quijano, better known as Don Quixote de La Mancha; knight, with a high sense of duty and honor that exceeds the limit of reality, bordering on insanity. So windmills attacked believing that they were giants; sheep taken by the enemy army; odres ensuring that they were ghosts ... the result of these and many other adventures got what they deserved.
As his fame was known throughout La Mancha and the world, he was the hero of the craziest and craziest adventures that lived died sane in the arms of his beloved Dulcinéia del Toboso.
Sabre, Sword of Don Quixote with scabbard
Don Quixote sword, the pommel and guard are nickel in color with gold details and the hilt is black. With a total size of 104 cm, steel blade with sheath finished in black synthetic leather with nickel and gold details.