Chain Mail


Aluminio mesh quota
Steel mesh lorigão, blackened, ID 8mm. Rings in carbon steel 4 in 1.
Finish: Rings are blackened and protected from corrosion with oil
Ring thickness: 1.6 mm.
Weight approx: 10 - 14 kg.
Available sizes:


Chest circumference

125 cm

140 cm

Total length
83 cm
85 cm

Lorigão in Steel mesh - zincada, short sleeve
Steel mesh lorigão, zincada, ID 9mm.Rings in carbon steel 4 in 1.Ring thickness: 1.6 mm.Weight approx: 6.35 - 8.8 kg.Available sizes:SizeMLChest circumference124 cm132 cmTotal length63 cm70 cm
Bishop's robe with leather straps and buckles
A bishop's robe is a chain suitcase necklace that covers the neck, shoulders, and upper chest and back. It was particularly favored by the German Landknechte (mercenary soldiers) in the 15th and 16th centuries and is woven in a manner similar to a postal hood. The shape of this piece of chain armor explains its name, as it looked very much like the very wide collar of a bishop's robe.
Our bishop's robes are modeled on historical examples. They feature an irregular edge. A riveted leather lining protects the area around the neck and the neckline is adjustable by means of genuine medieval fashion brass straps and buckles.
Medieval hood with ties
Medieval hood with ties, various colors

This medieval hood (also: coiffe) is made of plain cotton, lined with lightweight cotton fabric, and can be fastened under the chin with ties. Leaning so as to cover only the ears, it is adapted as an authentic coking of the Middle Ages.
Galvanized twig chain, pair
Made of high quality galvanized carbon steel rings,
4 hand in 1.
Ring diameter within 9mm.
With leather straps included, these leg warmers are almost any leg shape
Bishop's robe, mesh mesh, zincada
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This chain neck and shoulder cabinet, also called bishop's mantle, is made of steel rings with high carbon coated, zinc, 4-in-1 fabrics.
Mesh dimension
Mailing shirt. Manufactured with steel rings.
Medieval hood with ties

This historically accurate hood is made of plain cotton fabric. It features a generously sized flap and can be tied at the back with ties. Decorative pleats that start at the inner edge of the flap not only provide an attractive appearance, but also provide the hood structure.
Mesh quota gloves
Pair of chainmail gloves lined with 9 mm rings. Made of galvanized steel.
Mesh quota gloves
Leather gloves that have steel mesh jacket protection. One size one.