Square-shaped bronze Roman shield
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Bronze Roman shell, square shape

This protection head is beaten 1.6 mm (16 g) bronze. Perfect for your own shield creation projects!

- Material: approx. 1.6 mm (16g) bronze
- Size: approx. 22 cm x 22 cm
- Lump diameter: approx. 13.5 cm
- Weight: approx. 0.7 kg
Roman Shield - Equestris Parma
Roman shield Parma painted cavalry. It is made of wood and lined in its outline with brass leaf. It has a central bronze bobo. This shield was also known as Parma Equetris and was used by roman cavalry.
Roman Shield Republican Scutum
This authentic Republican scutum is supplied in two parts, (shield and umbo + rivets) that are easily assembled.The original was found near Mainz, Germany.
Measures:-height: about 126 cm-width: about 88 cm, including bulge-weight: approx 8.5 kg
Roman Legionnaire Shield
Roman shield better known as scutum for turtle formations. Oval and curved inside that offers excellent protection. The metal protection of the center is protected from the impacts of the arrows.

- Height: approx. 107 cm
- Width: approx. 59 cm
- Bending radius: approx. 23 cm
- Weight: approx. 5.5 kg
- Thickness: approx. 1.2 cm
Roman Shield Scutum oval latex
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Roman shield scutum oval with Roman military design and grip mounted on the back. Materials: fiber and latex. Height: 100 cm Width: 65 cm. Hand painted and designed for Roman style decoration, role playing and historical recreation.
Legionnaires' Shield, Dura Europos
Legionnaires protect Dura Europos. The shield comes hand-painted. It is a replica of a relic found in eastern Syria, in the Roman zone of Dura-Europos. The dry and desertclimate perfectly preserved the paintings.
Imperial Roman Scutum Shield, covered in linen, smooth
squire legionnaire of imperial Rome made of wood with the chief and the linen cover "pint-your-own". The back side of the shield is reinforced with wooden slats. He's transported with a handle behind the boss.
For shipping purposes, the boss must be assembled after shipping. Please secure the brass head with screws and lids included in the delivery. You may have to bend the shield to securely secure the boss.
Wooden shield with blank linen cover. The back side is reinforced with narrow wooden slats. There's a handle on the boss.
Roman Shield Scutum oval latex
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Roman Shield Scutum - Oval

An oval shield, the initial shape of the typical shield of the Roman legions. The center-mounted handle facilitates the handling of the shield and guarantees the wearer a good chance to fight enemy attacks.
Roman Shield - Equestris Parma
Parma Roman round shield. Made of plywood of 1 cm. thick and brass covering the edge. He has an inner fist to be grabbed with his arm. It is decorated with Roman motifs. It was mainly used by the infantry and cavalry of the Roman army.
Roman Shield
This oval wooden shell, widely used by Roman cavalry, is covered with leather on both sides. In the center is a black steel projection adorned with golden leather wings and lightning on the curved face and arm straps on the back. Essential to complete your Roman costume!

58 cm wide x 99 cm high x 0.79 cm thick
Weight: 3,280 g