Viking Dragon Bracelet
A bracelet with two dragons from Viking times made of bronze.

- Material: bronze
- Weight: approx. 27.6 g
- Measure: approx. Ø 7.2 cm, 7 mm
Viking Bracelet
Bronze Viking Bracelet

Very beautiful bracelet from Viking times. The bracelet was made in Tersley style, replicated in an original find.

- Material: Bronze
- Width: approx. 9 mm
- Weight: 11g
Viking Dragon Bracelet, small
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A bracelet with two dragons from Viking times, made of bronze.
Details:- Material: bronze- Weight: approx. 25.2 g- Measure: approx. Ø 5.6 cm, 6 mm
Viking Fenris Bracelet, Bronze, Small
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The wolf Fenris (also Fenrir , Fenrisúlfr ) is the son of the evil god Loki and the giganta Angurboda. It fights against the existing order and ultimately embodies the annihilation of the world. The gods recognize Fenris' dangerousness and chain him to a rock with cunning and sink it into the depths of the earth. For the plan to succeed, the god of war Tyr sacrifices a hand, and for a long time the wolf is chained. Until finally, in the twilight of the gods, Fenris breaks his chains and devours Odin. Odin's son Widar will kill Fenris, but it will be too late, the Father of the Gods will fall and, with him, the order of the world.