Italic Empire Helmet
Roman imperial helmet, but with other engravings like the eagle and the golden tones. The Roman Legion was the basic infantry military unit of Ancient Rome. It consisted of a heavy infantry corps of about 5,000 and later 10,000 infanteria soldiers and several hundred knights.
Roman helmet red plume
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Red feather for Roman helmet with metal frame. To attach it to the helmet, it is necessary to attach the (straight) or (transverse).
Roman Helmet Gladiator of Pompeii , brass
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Handmade replica of a Roman gladiator's helmet after a find during excavations in Pompeii. The original can be seen at the National Museum in Naples.
Medieval Helmet
Medieval helmet is usually used in medieval fairs and tournaments. Includes pedestal.
Roman imperial helmet
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Replica of the Imperial Roman Rooster Helmet. The original helmet was found near Weiseneau, Germany. Includes padding. One size one, approx. 60 cms.
Medieval Helmet
medieval helmet, with shield and belt adjustment. Perimeter: 57-58 cms.
Roman Centurion Helmet
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Roman centurion helmet open in front. Natural and functional size. Includes helmet with removable comb and interior grass.
Knight Helmet
This helmet has a brass nose guard and a steel cover with an aged finish. Wear leather straps on the crown and a horsehair ponytail. It has an adjustable leather lining and chin strap. The mesh dimension protects the neck.

Approx. 66 cm inner circle with adjustable leather lining and chin strap.
Weight: 1,530 g
Roman Archer Helmet
Replica of roman archer's helmet made of steel and brass. Neck protection is made of brass scales. Includes high-quality leather chin strap. The helmet has a circumference of 60 cms. approx.
Helm Templario Medieval English Pembridge
Medieval functional helmet Pembridge from the year 1370 made of 2mm steel. thick. The original is at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Includes leather chin strap with buckles.