King of Spades Store - The largest medieval shop in Portugal

Those who organize recreations of historical battles or participate in medieval fairs need, and seek, quality and realistic articles that help to recreate the perfect setting and live history. The King of Spades Shop is your greatest ally in this quest! Here you will find the most diverse types of medieval things to wear and wear: clothes and costumes, attack weapons and defense, but also articles for historical recreation or decoration. Live the story intensely with the realistic and quality products of the King of Spades Shop.

A medieval shop specializing in historic props

It is not always easy to find props or historical items, such as Arabic scimitars, samurai helmets or medieval costumes, in traditional shops. Even in large cities such as Lisbon and Porto, establishments are not always specialized; available offer is limited.

The King of Spades is a medieval online store specializing in this theme, so you will not miss the article of your choice here, as difficult as it may seem.

All the great historical times in one store

The portfolio of the King of Spades shop is not limited to the Middle Ages. This medieval establishment it spans all the great eras, from the Roman Empire to the contemporary world wars. Get ready with the complete equipment of a Viking warrior or with a saber of a pirate from the time of the great sailings. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the Templar and Freemasonry world. The store also covers several geographies: the katanas, armor and other props of historic and traditional Japan go hand in hand with arab daggers or revolvers, holsters and hats typical of the American Wild West. 

It's easy to order online and receive at home

The medieval shop allows you to place your order over the internet with ease and security. There are several payment methods available, simply choosing your preferred one. You can use the traditional ATM or the "mobile" simplicity of MB Way, the classic payment by bank card or even the discretion and convenience of your Paypal account – among other means. It's your choice! 

Explore now all the options of the largest medieval online establishment in the Iberian Peninsula, make your purchase and comfortably receive the items chosen at home, by mail, in a short time. Enjoy the expertise, experience and professionalism of the King of Spades Shop!