Terms and conditions

Any kind of doubt or clarification, will be at your complete disposal. 

All items exposed are decorative replicas faithful of high quality and manufactured by experts only Items for sale to people over 18 years certified and that are not disabled. 

Legal liability: 


 The buyer will have to have more than 18 years of age. 

All replicas of weapons, such as swords, katanas, daggers, are sold only for display purposes or collections. 

 The buyer assumes all responsibility to the local, national and international laws in regard to the acquisition and possession of these weapons. is not the responsibility of the seller, determine whether it is legal to sell the weapon to the buyer as well as the submission of the same to the relevant address. the buyer releases the seller of any and all legal responsibility for the damage or loss caused by negligence of this. 

 Note: swords, katanas and weapons with cutting edge (and other replicas of weapons) are not considered as toys. to your use requires training and supervision of a qualified professional or an instructor of fencing or martial arts master, for the handling of swords and katanas duly accredited. to your use for any another function (for example to cut trees in the garden, etc.), may result in serious injury to the user or damage to the instrument, it is not covered by the warranty. If you are not qualified, do not attempt to use these instruments before acquiring qualified instruction. own instruments such as these, carries a responsibility to acquire the necessary instruction for the correct handling of the same, in order to guarantee your safety and that of others. 


 Attention: activities where they use weapons and armor, can be dangerous, we decline all responsibility in respect of the injuries, damages, or losses incurred by misuse of these tools. When you buy these instruments, you that is an adult and that assumes all responsibility for their actions and their consequences and this duly aware, informed and accredited for this purpose by releasing us from any legal responsibility there. every weapon can injure, maim or kill people; It was for this purpose that they were originally created. 


  To learn how you can obtain a license to use and possession of firearms and alarm and have all the information about the law and how to obtain specific licenses, please visit their Web site P.s.p.a


 Please be advised: 


 The event will be held every time as soon as possible by registered mail and will always be informed of the estimated time of your order and when submitted you will be informed the respective shipping registration number so that you can consult your follow-up in CTT website or MRW . Should always indicate a contact telephone number to avoid the non-receipt of your order.

  For any reason will always be advised the buyer from any possible delay in shipping or in immediate availability of articles in case of not being in stock.

  In relation to the cost of shipping is always calculated as the weight of the package that you will be informed after the purchase of the items selected and already includes the due packing of articles, enjoy the purchase several articles to be able to send all together and thus lower the cost of shipping send recommended. Note that the value of the shipping charges are only valid for Continental Portugal, the prices of postage for the Islands will be calculated separately.

  All items exposed are elaborate in the arms factory and by specialists. articles only for sale to people over 18 years certified

  Every article with return provided that appropriate.

  Do not ship the collection, only accept payments through secure payment methods for both sides, wire transfer or paypal.

 To receive your invoice must put your NIF (required). The same will be sent by email in PDF format.