Wakizashi functional
Dragonfly wakizashi

Many Japanese swords offered today are interpretive copies of feudal Japan antiquities that were made for warriors of small stature who rarely climbed above one and a half feet. As beautiful and expertly designed as these swords are, they may not be perfectly suited to the modern warrior, who has become a substantially taller and stronger version of his historical part!

Shikoto Hidden Samurai Wakizashi
Shikoto Hidden Samurai Wakizashi

This Shikoto wakizashi was inspired and is worthy of the warrior who fights in the shadows - the Ninja hidden in the night. It has a burned 19 3/4" T10 carbon steel blade, seasoned with clay, sharp, extending from a brass habaki and a brass Samurai tsuba. The wooden handle is wrapped in genuine tea-colored skin and brown cord and features brass dragon menuki. The 30 3/4" wakizashi glides smoothly into a black haired wooden hem with brown drawstring wrap details. Also included is a certificate of authenticity with forging specifications, signed by the master swordsman who made the blade.

Wakizashi silver shield
Wakizashi with black wood hem and metal Alique handle. Co 440 stainless steel blade.