Roman Swords

Functional Gladius Sword
Gladius sword, functional. 1065 Carbon High Steel Handle Sheet and Wooden Cable. Includes hem.
Gladius Larp Roman Sword
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Epic Armory's Spatha is a LARP foam gun made of composite materials in the new hybrid method.

The shape of the Spatha dates back to the 1st century BC and lasted until the late Middle Ages Earls around 1050 AD.
Adopted from Celtic auxiliaries, The Spatha found its way into the Roman army and dissolved the Gladius around 200-300 AD.
Roman dagger with sheath, 38 cms
Gladius Roman dagger decorated with magnificent finishes. stainless steel sheet prints. Pomo and spares also include Roman allegories.  38 cms. Includes leather hem.
2 Gladius Swords
2 Gladius swords, fancy type including nylon sheath and drawstring to hang on the back.
Sword Julius Caesar
Gladius sword of Emperor Julius Caesar. Does not include hem.
Gladiator Sword
Gladiator Sword (you can choose with or without sheath Gladiators were fighters in the public games of ancient Rome.
Gladius Sword
Roman Gladius sword with stainless steel blade 440. It's decorative. Hem has a small chain to adapt to the belt. The Sword of Ancient Rome Gladius is a double-edged Dagger used by the Roman legions. Roman Gladius is the term used to designate the sword. It had a length of about half a meter, but also custom made. The Roman soldiers were practical in killing
Gladius Sword
Height: 74 cmWidth: 11 cmDepth: 7 cmWeight: 2.53kgColour: Silver, Black, Material: Metal
Gladius Pompeii with hem
Replica of the Roman sword Gladius Pompeii. It's decorative. Steel blade, wooden guard and button. Includes hem with metallic finishes. The original Pompeii gladius is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Naples (Italy).
Spatha Romana with sheath, 3rd century AD
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Replica of the Roman Spatha found in Germany. It's decorative. Carbon steel blade and handle in bone and brass. Includes riveted wooden box with metallic finishes.