Martial Arts

Tachi Samurai
Katana de tachi + dessert stand. Hoja acero al carbono.- 69 cms.
Katana Professional
Katana carbon hardened steel oil blade to give a higher and sharp reputation with professional cutting. Includes support
Katana Corage Last Samurai
Katana Corage from the movie The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise. Blade of 69 cm. Includes table stand.
M48 Tactical Shovel with Sheath
The ultimate tactical shovel.It has a virtually indestructible injection molded nylon handle with 30% fiberglass and nylon reinforcement. The paddle head is made of 2Cr13 hardened stainless steel with a hard black oxide coating.The edge of the blade tip is sharp, with a partially serrated edge on one side and a concave cutting edge on the other. Perfect for camping, outdoor use and lightchopping.Includes a reinforced nylon belt bag.Details:- Total length: approx. 41.3 cm- Material: stainless tool steel 2Cr13
Hanwei tai chi sword
Tai Chi sword for practices available in various sizes. Steel has protections. The blade is carbon steel. Comes sharp
Wushu Kung Fu Sword
China Wushu Kung Fu sword, light and fast, also known as water music, because it has an ultra-flexible carbon-rich sheet produces a very audible vibrating sheet.
Jian sword with sheath
Jian China sword with sheath with 75 cms blade. stainless steel and red drawstring handle. Includes hem.
Katana Naruto
Katana from the Naruto series. Fantastic with stainless steel lamina in black color.

Character: Saske or Sasuke