Wakizashi silver shield
Wakizashi with black wood hem and metal Alique handle. Co 440 stainless steel blade.
Iaito wakizashi John Lee
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Iaito Wakizashi of John Lee red wood model. The iaito has a borderless Shinogi-Zukuri blade, hand-forged with 420 stainless steel. Habaki and Seppa are made of bronze.
The name of this piece derives from the brownish red color of the pod.
Wakizashi functional
Dragonfly wakizashi

Many Japanese swords offered today are interpretive copies of feudal Japan antiquities that were made for warriors of small stature who rarely climbed above one and a half feet. As beautiful and expertly designed as these swords are, they may not be perfectly suited to the modern warrior, who has become a substantially taller and stronger version of his historical part!

Wakizashi Golden Lion
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The Gold Lion Wakizashi reflects the materials, fit and finish of its big brother (Gold Lion Katana, Product No. 88ABK) in all respects except size. It is equally light and fast, and with the same high quality materials, but in a fraction of the size, making it an excellent piece to accompany the Katana Golden Lion, or a beautiful standalone blade by itself.
Wakizashi of wind and thunder
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Hanwei's Wind and Thunder Wakizashi by Paul Chen features a blackened iron tsuba with a raiden motif, theJapanese god of thunder (also known as Raijin). From the sword fuchi and kashira present a JapaneseTomoe motive.
Wakizashi Kami with hem
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Hanwei's Kami Wakizashi has a K120C powdered steel blade forged and folded by hand with a hand-engraved Horimono "Fudo" and Bo-Hi. The folding process creates exceptional hada, or grain pattern, along the blade and is accented by the distinct hamon.
Wakizashi snake
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This masterfully forged Samurai sword features a beautiful wavy hamon evenly and Finely rendered snake motifs adorning the tsuka, fuchi and tsuba.
Koi Wakizashi
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Koi Wakizashi
Mizutori® (Crane) Wakizashi
Mizutori® (Crane) Wakizashi

Crane is a symbol of luck and longevity, loyalty and strength, and is a much-loved symbol in Japan. While developing a new series to add to the line of long-standing and world-renowned Japanese blades, Cold Steel® felt it was appropriate to add the crane as a motif.

Wakizashi Tactical Hanwei
Wakizashi tactical

The "Samurai Weapon" receives a serious update on Hanwei's Tactical Wakizashi, designed for strenuous outdoor use. Based on the blade geometry and excellent cutting capability of the Paul Chen Raptor Wakizashi series, but with full-tang construction for maximum strength, tactical wakizashi is suitable for any task.

The 5160 high carbon spring steel blade is coated with plasma for corrosion protection and the checkered Kraton handle provides safe grip in bad weather conditions. The fiberglass sheath construction prevents water absorption and reduces carrying weight, while several drawstring holes and the included Paracord provide backpack carrying and fastening options. The corresponding Tactical Katana (Product No. SH2462) and Tactical Tanto (Product No. SH2483) are also available to complete your collection.

Wakizashi Functional , Hanwei
The Wakizashi Hunter is built on the Hanwei L6/Bainite blade in the Shinogi Zukuri style, and featuring excellent koshirae, the Hunter is a very desirable and functional piece. The smooth ito green-colored and the winged saya with green stripes complement the blackened tsuba with golden details, featuring a raptor chasing its next prey.Bainite is a high carbon steel structure that combines great strength with excellent flexibility and shock absorption characteristics. It has been known as an exemplary component of the Katana blade for several years, but its use has been restricted to some first-class blacksmith masters due to the difficulties involved in performing the precise heat treatment procedures necessary for the production of a Bainit. The blade body in combination with the very hard Martensite Yakiba (edge section) required for the Katana blades.
Wakizashi Functional , Made by Hanwei
Hanwei has a high carbon T10 steel blade hand-forged with Bo-Hi. The blade is differentially hardened using a traditional clay method. This sword Samurai is mounted in black and the tsuka-ito is made of premium black Japanese cotton. A finely rendered dragon with gold details and true details on the front and back forms the black iron tsuba. The accessories are superbly old-fashioned, adding to the aesthetics of the piece. The saya features a deep black lacquered finish with a black cotton sageo. Shinto Wakizashi comes with a cloth protective bag and a traditional maintenance kit. Made by Hanwei.
Wakizashi Functional Orchid , Made by Hanwei
Paul Chen's Hanwei's Orchid Wakizashi is as fast as it is beautiful, with a relatively light blade made of folded K120C steel and impressive koshirae. Or hamon is prominent and the hada shows distinct layers. This Samurai sword features a medium length kissaki. The same high quality (ray skin) is used in tsuka, and tsuka-ito and sageo are woven with premium Japanese cotton. The blackened iron tsuba features an orchid and butterfly motifs encrusted in silver, brass and copper. The saya is deeply lacquered to blue with koiguchi buffalo horn and kurikata. Or fuchi , kashira and kojiri are worked in tan iron with silver and gold details. Or habaki is a one-piece brass construction.The corresponding Orchid Katana (Product No. SH1207) and Orchid Tanto (Product No. SH1209) are also available to complete your collection.
Wakizashi Bushido Functional , Made by Hanwei
Bushido, or "Warrior's Way," defines the code of conduct that an honorable Samurai must follow and the Hanwei Bushido Wakizashi is designed to perpetuate this tradition.The blade of the Bushido Wakizashi is hand forged and folded into K120C steel powder, with a medium length kissaki (chu) . Or Saya is deeply varnished with cherry blossoms (sakura) of encrusted brass. High quality ray skin (same ) is used in tsuka. The tsuba is crafted in blackened and tanned iron, with gold and silver details and décor with battle scenes. Or tsuka-ito and sageoare premium Japanese cotton fabrics. Or fuchi and kashira they are blackened bronze with brass details, and the kojiri, koiguchi and kurikata are polished buffalo horn. Or habaki is a one-piece brass construction.Correspondent Bushido Katana (Product No. SH1210) and Bushido Tanto (Product No. SH1212) are also available to complete their collection.