Roman sandals, caliga
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Roman sandals, caliga, light brown

These sandals were worn by Roman legionaries and peasants.

- 3 mm thick leather
- pleated leather bead
- Color: brown

Various sizes available.
Roman sandals
Roman Sandals (Caligae) with authentic hobnails.
Leather Boot with Buckles
Medieval buckle shoes with buckles
A pair of buskins in the late medieval style, made of light brown leather. Comparable models were found in excavations, for example. in Constance.The shaft above the buckles can be used up or handcuffed down. The middle strap, all equipped with contemporary buckles, goes around the ankle, providing a firm hold. The sole and flat heel are attached by nails and very stable. With regular care, these shoes will remain intact for a long period.
Leather Boot
The closure of straps and buckles ensures a firm fit on the foot. The heel cover is reinforced for special use, the sole is fixed in a very stable nailing process.
Leather Boot
Very solid front ankle boots. Each boot has two shoelaces for fixing to the side.
Similar shoes were worn from 1250 to 1500 AD.
The sizes are normal, but the shape is narrow, especially on the fingers.
We recommend choosing a larger size if you want to have space or if your feet are wide.
Medieval Leather Shoe
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Shoe with front closure, late afternoon Shoe with front closure, late afternoon Shoe with front closure, late afternoon Shoe with front closure, late Middle Ages
Shoe with front lace, medieval afternoon

Sturdyreconstruction of shoes from the late Middle Ages found in London and dated
around 1380 AD Each shoe has three laces for fixation on the instep.
Roman sandals, caliga
Handmade from tanned vegetable leather.
With authentic hand-forged iron francs on the sole.

Leather Boots
Medieval boots tardías Medieval boots tardías Medieval boots tardías
Medieval boots tardías
Una bota de vástago elaborately elaboratese un patrón medieval tardío hecha de piel de vaca resistente y gruesa. El eje sube hasta debajo de la rodilla y tiene un puño cosido, que también cubre la rótula. El cierre de triple correa garantiza un ajuste firme, la suela se fija con clavos para una larga durabilidad y estabilidad.
Shoe latch with strap and buckle
Locking shoes with strap and buckle, dark brown, high and high Middle Ages.Shoes with strap and historic brass buckle.
Roman women's shoes, Calcei, 2nd century
Reconstruction of Roman shoes, the so-called calcei , which is believed to have been worn by noble Roman dames.The original was found in a well near Welzheim (Germany) along with more shoes. These shoes date from the mid-2nd century to the early 3rd century AD. Around the end of the 2nd century, a young woman was found buried in the French village of Martres-de-Veyre in a woolen tunic, long socks and very similar shoes.
Jorvik Medieval Viking Shoes, Black
These ankle tins are based on archaeological finds made in the city of York in northern England, the ancient Jorvik. They are dated from the 9th to 10th centuries - a time when England was divided into many smaller kingdoms. The Anglo-Saxon population had to fend off constant Viking attacks, and many Vikings settled in England. York was also conquered by the Danes and ruled by the Nordics for about a hundred years.