Medieval Tent , 3 m in diameter, 340 g / m2
LARP Tent Merglin, Group Tent, 3 m Diameter, 340 g / m², natural color
This functional medieval group tent offers ample space for 2 to 3 occupants with their respective belongings and equipment. It is easy to assemble and has the right talent for any medieval market, military camp or LARP event. With an internal height of approx. 2.30 m in the center and a generous diameter of 3 m, it offers enough space and sleeping space. The side walls can be rolled, which allows you to enjoy the summer weather and keep it airy on hot days, keeping you protected from heat and direct sunlight.
Saxon Jorvik tent, 5 x 7 m, 425 g / m2, natural color
This generously sized Saxon tent is inspired by historical examples and offers ample space for 4 to 5 occupants with their respective equipment. Only 2 to 3 people are needed to launch it quickly in just a few simple steps. The longer poles are sectional, allowing easy storage and transport of the medieval tent. With an internal height of approx. 2.50 m, it still allows estatelized Vikings to stand. Approx. Awning sewn to 2.10 m high offers good protection against sun and rain. The door can be easily opened on either side and tied with a loop on each side of the tent wall. Closes with eyelets and ties. The entrance is near. Two feet tall.
Burgund Knights Tent, 3 x 5 m, 425 g/m2, red/blue, no masts
Burgund Knight's Tent, 3 x 5 m, red/blue, without mastsDefective item, discounted: The tent is delivered without masts and therefore has reduced price.Please note that discounted products that are expressly referred to as defective items cannot be returned.
Knights Tent Burgund, 5 x 8 m, 425 g/m², natural colour, medieval tent
With an imposing height of only 3.5 m, the Burgund knight's tent is a functional and robust camping tent offering ample space. Pitching can be easily handled by 3 to 4 people. Once the roof is mounted, the two side walls only need to be hung by means of hooks and eyelets. A sanefa that runs through the entire tent hidden and sealed the junction between the ceiling and the walls.
Johann Round Medieval Tent, 3 m Diameter
This unostentatious medieval tent is an economical but spacious and functional tent suitable for military camps, medieval markets or LARP events. It offers ample space for 2 occupants with their respective belongings and equipment, and with a generous internal height of approx. 1.80 m on the sides and approx. 3 m in the center, it offers enough space even for slender warriors.
Markward Knights' Tent, 5 x 8 m, 425 g/m2, natural colour
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Markward Knight's Tent, 5 x 8 m
This square medieval tent offers enough space for any purpose, whether as a medieval market stall, canopy or canopy for sun protection (without sidewalls) or as a sleeping tent for about 8 occupants with their belongings and equipment. The valance all around makes it a real eye-catcher. With a few helping hands, the tent can be set up and dismantled quickly. Due to the high sidewalls, you have enough space wherever you are. This knight's tent is truly versatile. The two individually detachable sidewalls can be easily removed or fixed with hooks and eyelets and give you the freedom to leave one side or the other open, or simply leave both walls out and use the tent as a canopy.
The Markward rider's tent is treated against mold and mildew. Thanks to its particular fabric (twill), the 100% cotton canvas is exceptionally tear-resistant and practically impervious to water, making this medieval tent an indispensable piece of equipment for medieval markets, military camps or LARP events.
Our tents and tarpaulins have already been waterproofed. To maintain/restore the water repellency of your tent or tarpaulin and enjoy its use for a long time, we recommend regular treatment with a waterproofing spray, e.g. PLUVONIN .
The tent is supplied in a complete set, i.e. with poles and accessories.