Short carbine holster
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Holster for 2 revolvers, made of leather. Suitable for short revolver.
Leather holster for short revolver
Black leather holster with metal buckle for a revolver with 24 bullets. This beautiful reproduction of the Western canary adorned with horse motifs, was used to carry a .45 unique-action army revolver. Suitable for short revolver.
US Army Colt Leather Holster
World War II U.S. Army Holster (WW II)

This is a company quality product
Merchant Battle!
True to the original replica!

For Colt M-1911 and M-1916 Cal. 45

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Leather revolver holster
The revolver is a must for any Western re-director. A suitable revolver belt is required so that it can be used safely and firmly on the body, but can be pulled quickly in case of emergency.
Double holster for leather revolver
The revolver is mandatory for every Western re-enacter, but it's actually better to have two revolvers! And to be able to carry them safely and firmly on the body and pull them quickly in case of emergency, you need a suitable revolver belt!
U.S. Army Holster M1912 for Colt 1911 .45
A replica of the standard holster for the U.S. Army Colt 1911 Kal.45 during World War II. Includes a strip with which the holster can be tied around the thigh.Details:- Total length: approx. 40 cm- Length of holster: approx. 30 cm- Length of the strip on the thigh: approx. 108 cm- Width: approx. 14 cm