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Sword of King Solomon cadet
Sword cadet of size Rey Salomón, 79 cms. With decorated stainless steel blade, engravings and gold finishes.
Sword of King Solomon cadet
Exclusive Solomon Cadet Sword with aged silver finish. Excellent Sword Cadet Solomon from the Exclusive Collection "Cadet of Historical Swords" manufactured by MARTO. Certificate of Quality and Origin. Made in Toledo.
Solomon Sword
The claymore sword was a two-handed sword or a Scottish knight, used in battle to be able to keep enemies at a distance given its size and strength. It is the sword model used by William Wallace in the film Braveheart. This replica is made of high quality stainless steel and is 115 cm long
Dagger King Solomon
Solomon's exclusive dagger with an aged silver finish. Daga Solomon, a high-quality dagger from the exclusive "Historical Daggers" collection manufactured by MARTO. Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo.
Dagger King Solomon
Solomon dagger decorated. Save engraved with bronze finishes, coated in black rubber grip and with plated engraved brass handles. It includes sheath with metallic coatings engravings.