Templarios Shield
Wooden Crusader Shield shield decorated with leather embroidery.
Black Prince Shield
Wood shield decorated and embroidered Edward leather from Woodstock, better known as the Black Prince..
El Cid Shield
Shield Cid Medieval coat of thumb decorated wooden.
Templar Shield
Shield Knights Templar with large cross in the center, the seal of the Order of the Templars and the reasons for fleur de lis and the rampaging lion.
Jesuralem Templar Shield
Shield Knights of Jerusalem. Includes reasons red crosses in the center, 2 fleur de lis and eagle..
Charles V Shield
Charles V shield with fleur de lis details on the side and shield in the center.
Charles of Austria (or Habsburg) (February 24, 1500 – Monastery of Yuste, 21 September 1558) was king of Spain as Charles I (1516–1556), who entered in his person the crowns of Castile and Aragon, and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as Charles V (1519–1558).
Son of Joan of Castile, known as Juana la Loca and Philip the Beautiful, and paternal grandson of Maximilian I of Austria (Habsburg) and Mary of Burgundy (who inherited the Netherlands, the Austrian territories and the right to the imperial throne) and the Catholic Kings, who inherited the Kingdom of Castile, Naples, Sicily, India, Aragon and the Canary Islands through his mother.
Functional Medieval Shield
Functional shield made of strong latex coating for LARP, RPG, medieval encounters or historical reenactantions. Includes 2 rear handles with reinforcement. Diameter size -. 52 cms.
Roman Legionnaire Shield
Roman shield better known as scutum for turtle formations. Oval and curved inside that offers excellent protection. The metal protection of the center is protected from the impacts of the arrows.

- Height: approx. 107 cm
- Width: approx. 59 cm
- Bending radius: approx. 23 cm
- Weight: approx. 5.5 kg
- Thickness: approx. 1.2 cm
Roman Shield Republican Scutum
This authentic Republican scutum is supplied in two parts, (shield and umbo + rivets) that are easily assembled.The original was found near Mainz, Germany.
Measures:-height: about 126 cm-width: about 88 cm, including bulge-weight: approx 8.5 kg