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Roman sword with sheath

Roman Spatha, long sword with scabbard, 2nd .C., decorating sword

This spatha is not an individual replica of a real historical piece, but a reconstruction based on original discoveries from the end of the 2nd century now maintained at the Limesmuseum in Aalen (Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany).


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From the end of the 2nd century AD, the long Roman spatha gradually began to replace the shorter gládio. By the third century, it had already become the standard weapon of Roman legionnaires and imperial auxiliaries and was also commonly used by gladiators. The exact origins of the spatha, as well as the reasons why it replaced the efficient and highly feared gládio so quickly during the Roman Empire, from mid to late, are still much debated among historians, archaeologists and enthusiasts of Ancient Rome to this day. Although space is believed to be descended from Celtic and owe their rapid popularity to changes in combat techniques and military tactics in both Roman infantry and cavalry, the lack of reliable sources on the subject unfortunately often leads to speculation and oversimplifications of a much more complex reality.

The long, double-edged blade of the Roman sword we offer here is forged in EN45 spring steel (untempered, unhardened). The edges are not sharp and the complete blade post is screwed into the pommel (brass top nut). The handle with semicircular protection and handles is entirely wooden.

This one-hand Roman sword comes complete with a wooden hem and brown leather with brass throat, chape and hanging lace (maximum belt width 5.5 cm). The most distinctive feature of this sheath is obviously the large decorative round plate used as the final piece (also known as a disc cover or pill box).

Note that this sword is not a weapon ready for battle. It is designed as a collector's piece or decoration/display and is not suitable for combat reenactment. In addition to its quality as a collectible, it is also perfectly suited as support, for example to complete your fantasy.


- Material: EN45 spring steel blade (high carbon steel, non-stainless steel), wooden handle

- Total length: approx. 100.5 cm (with sheath of approximately 105 cm)

- Blade length: approx. 82.5 cm

- Blade thickness: approx. 4.5 mm / 2.6 mm (cutting edges approx. 1 mm)

- Cable length: approx. 18 cm (adhesion approx. 9.5 cm)

- max. Blade width: approx. 4.5 cm

- Balance point: approx. 27 cm guard

Incl. wooden sheath with genuine leather cover and brass accessories

- Sheath disc diameter: approx. 11 cm

- Weight without sheath: approx. 0.9 kg

- Weight with sheath: approx. 1.45 kg

Specifications may vary slightly from part to piece.

The steel used here is not rust proof and may present slight stain on the surface in some places. We recommend that you keep the blade and sheath regularly, for example, using the universal Ballistol oil, ideal for steel treatment.




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