Law summary

The purchase, use and possession of knives and derivatives in Portugal is reflected in current law 05 of 2006, in force since August 2006. Here we try to clarify the user about the implications attached to this issue. This document has been prepared based on the interpretation of the document itself the law.


BRIEF SUMMARY-Blades with less than 10 cm are not considered (at the outset) weapons.

-Butterfly knives, boxers, throwing knives, stilettos and stars of Spears sãoarmas forbidden.

-Knives concealed of other objects (for example a mobile phone, a shoe) are banned weapons.

-Blades without allocating hunting, sporting activities, collections and other contexts are prohibited weapons.

-the possession of knives is closely linked to the context of use and with any licenses (or membership) which prove the purpose of that possession.

INTERPRETATION of APPLICABLE LAW 05/2006 law came, among other things, differentiating the weapons in terms of danger, assigning each gun at a different class from A to G, with the class to the more dangerous. This class is also called the class of "banned weapons" where fit all weapons of war.


So says Art. 1 of Law 05/2006:

(...) l) «melee weapon» all purpose or portable instrument equipped with a blade or other cutting or surface-piercing round with a length of 10 cm or with blunt cut, as well as destined to throw blades, arrows or virotões, regardless of their dimensions.

It also says the Art. 3rd:

Are guns, ammo and accessories of the class:

(...)d) white or fire weapons concealed in the form of another subject

and automatic opening knives), stilettos, butterfly knives, throwing knives, throwing stars and boxers.

f) The arms without assignment for any hunting season, commercial practices, agricultural, industrial, household or sports forest, or by your artistic or historical value are not Collector's item. (...)

It also says in the Art. 86° regarding the detention of Prohibited Weapon:


1-Who, without even meeting authorized outside the legal conditions or otherwise to the requirements of the competent authority, holding, transport, import, store, buy, acquire any title or by any means or obtains for manufacture, processing, importation or export, use or bring with you:


d) weapon of class, melee weapon disguised in the form of other objects, automatic opening knife, box cutter, butterfly knife, throwing knife, throwing star and boxers (...)

So, you can determine that:

-all EU: who has less than 10 cm blade is not considered a weapon and is not covered by this law, except if it is used as such (there's gotta be a crime because the subject itself is not enough) so much so that to sell knives do not need any type of license.

It is also expressly prohibited the sale and possession of automatic opening knives (aka spot-on-spring), stilettos, butterfly knives, throwing knives, throwing stars and boxers.

-are also prohibited the knives that are not linked to one of the following practices: hunting season (hunting), commercial, agricultural, industrial, household or forestry. All knives are justified for this purpose are, in our opinion, classified as a tool or instrument and not a weapon to be used as such. Unable to fit in any of the articles exposed on online store in one of the mentioned parameters is difficult because there are numerous hypotheses to justify the detention of a piece of cutlery. The problem lies in how the buyer will use/stop this equipment.

-If the knife has a historical or artistic symbolism, may be considered the target of collection and thus, does not fall into the class of banned weapons.

-axes, for example, rely on limb-bruising and are to match classed as melee weapon. However, if used with jusreporting (which need not be written or proven, just be context-of-use) are of use permitted. The same goes with the machetes or machetes.

In this way we are led to believe that it's all about the context as a long-bladed kitchen knife is not considered a weapon to be used as such. This means that if a person walking with a knife in a ride or hunt will have perfect justification if you stop hunting license. If you have guns in the House to collect, should bear a collector's license (be federated collector). If we need a knife for a particular sport, should be justified that the knife is for sports use (be associated Federated ...).

Walk 1 1 knife under the seat of the car or keep her ankle while strolling on the street is considered a criminal offence because in that context we are faced with a situation of use of prohibited weapon because its intended purpose is to defense or attack.


Be over 18 years;


Be in full use of all civil rights;

Demonstrate lack of license to practice martial arts sports, being athletes, recreational practices on private property, detention of replicas and destroyed firearms intended for adornment and melee weapons intended for the same purpose;

Be suitable;

Carry medical certificate;

Can be permitted to minors of 18 years and over 14 years, being atletas, acquisition, possession, use and possession of Nunchucks, swords and other melee weapons traditionally aimed at martial arts or ornamentation, when intended for the practice of martial arts;

The request must be made through who exercise parental responsibility;

Alarm pistols are conditioned by the law 5/2006 sales

Alarm pistols just make noise by a massive explosion. not fire any projectile.  (produce the sound of a firearm are use and conditioned by the law 5/2006)

For purchase of carbines/rifles, pistols or revolvers and air or other gas. caliber pellets up to 5, 5 mm, do not need documents. the purchase, sale and postage are free provided that the pipes of the same are not less than 30 cm.


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