Viking long sword, Petersen H type, uncut practice, SK-B  - 1
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Viking long sword, Petersen H type, uncut practice, SK-B

Viking sword, Petersen H type, various blade lengths, without sheath
Battle ready (practical cut), SK-B

This battle-ready Viking sword was developed in close cooperation with fencing and martial arts instructor Volker Kunkel and his West-Coast-Institute. Unfortunately, Volker did not live to see the launch of this small series on the market. He passed away very early, in April 2021.

The goal was to offer a sturdy, yet light and well-balanced sword, ready for battle, with a smaller budget. Here, Volker contributed his many years of experience as a fencing teacher, trainer, and traveling merchant in medieval markets. The Ulfberth® team and their blacksmiths have implemented these specifications and the result is a battle-ready Viking sword with a great value for money.

Based on the original from 9 to 10 c. examples found in Birka, Sweden, and classified as Type H/I according to Petersen's Viking sword typology, features a spring steel forged blade, which has been hardened in oil and tempered with a Rockwell hardness of approx. 48-52 HRC. The very wide fuller makes it flexible and lightweight. The sword comes with approx. 2 - Edges 2.5 mm thick and tip rounded and relatively wide, which makes it eligible for combat on stage.
Like many surviving historical examples of the time, the triangular pommel is a two-part construction: the complete spike of the blade is anchored to the lower section and the pommel cap is fixed to the base by means of two rivets.

This sword is available with two different blade lengths (select the model you need from the drop-down menu: short = 64 cm / long = 74 cm). The short version is particularly ideal as a beginner's sword for fencers who are not yet very strong.

Matching leather sheaths with sword belt (product no. ULF-SW-11SA or ULF-SW-11SB) are available separately.

- Battle-ready sword category: SK-B
Learn more about our classification for practical swords without cutting
- Blade material: spring steel (high carbon steel, non-stainless), hardened and tempered
- Rockwell Hardness: approx. 48-52 HRC
- Cable material: leather-clad wood, handle and protection in cast steel

Dimensions Sword ULF-SW-13 B (long version)
Total length: approx. 91.5 cm
- Blade length: approx. 74 /74.5 cm
- Handle length: approx. 17.5 cm (handle approx. 10.5 cm)
- Blade width in protection: approx. 4.6cm
- Blade thickness: approx. 4 mm (cutting edges approx. 2 mm)
- Break-even point: approx. Guard 15 cm
- Guard: approx. 10 cm long, 2.5 cm wide, 1.7 cm thick
- Weight: approx. 1350 g

Specifications may vary slightly from part to part.

The steel used here is not rustproof and may have slight surface stains in some places. We recommend that you do blade maintenance regularly, for example using Ballistol Universal Oil, which is ideal for taking care of steel.

This is an original product ULFBERTH ® .


€149.94 Tax excluded

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Total length 87.5 cms.
Material Blade: Stainless Steel
Long sheet 68 cms.



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