Norman sword for practices - 1

Norman sword for practices

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Normandy sword for hand forged practices with oil-hardened carbon steel blade and blunt tip. Handle covered with brown leather. It was used in the battle of Hastings in the year 1066 of the Normans against the English. Includes leather covered wooden sheath

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  • Technical

    Long 88 cms.
    Material Blade: EN45 carbon steel
    Long leaf 73 cms.
    Steel hardness (Rockwell range)

    48-50º HRC

    WeightFive kilos.Center of gravity15 cms.


    Temperate carbon steel blades that are of good quality but may not be well balanced beyond

    have less hardness in general. Due to the quality of its manufacture and subsequent testing tests

    are considered functional weapons, but not with the guarantees to be used in combat.

    Never use these swords to come into contact with other swords or objects.

    They can only be used for training and can perform basic contactless movements.

    They are also ideal to use as a complement or to display them as collecting swords.

    Recommended for recreationists or collectors who wish to have a real weapon.

    Full spike (full spike): welded or screwed to the button