Roldán's durendal sword in gold

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Durandarte or Durandal was the sword of Roldan, paladin and nephew of Charlemagne (then King Charles).

When he was knighted at the age of 17, Roldán received the sword of sword Charlemagne that kept several relics and which Roldán mentions after leaving the rock on which he tried to break Durandarte, so that it does not fall into the hands of the infidel vascones (proof of the quality of this legendary weapon), and they are them: a tooth of St. Peter, the blood of St. Basil , the hair of Saint Denis, as well as mantle of Saint Mary.

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    Total length 117 cms.

    Blade: Stainless Steel

    There is also a character, Durandarte, in The Old Romancero, famous for his relationship with Belerma, who personifies the sword mentioned above.

    Durandarte accompanied Roldán until his death at the battle of Roncesvalles on August 15, 788. In the two songs ( La Chanson de Roland and El cantar de Roncesvalles ) it is mentioned that Charlemagne meets him with the sword next to him.

    Lake Carucedo, at the bottom of which, legend has it, is roldán's sword.

    In other versions Roldán threw the sword into the water before dying to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

    In El Bierzo there is a legend that the sword of Roldán is in Lake Carucedo, near the mines of Roman de Las Médulas 1 2

    There is another version that says that the Leonese knight Bernardo del Carpio after defeating Roldán took the sword Durandarte with which he was buried in Peña Longa ( Aguilar de Campoo ). Later Charles I landed in Laredo, and as he passed through Aguilar he stopped at the tomb of Bernardo del Carpio, and took the sword that would accompany him for much of his life.