Maasai Spear with Sheath - 1

Maasai Spear with Sheath

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A symbol of power and strength for the proud Maasai people of East Africa is their elegant spear of war.

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  •   This legendary implement of the mature Maasai Moran or warrior is one of the most distinctive spears in the world with its long, narrow blade, short wooden handle and spike or heavy counterweight shoe. The spear is the most precious good of a warrior and never leaves his hand, except to rest with the tip on the ground at his side. In fact, many Maasai Morans develop so much faith in the lethal power of their spears that they refuse to flee danger while it is near. This is understandable, since young Maasai Morans are forced to kill a lion alone with his spear to prove his worth and masculinity.

    Each boom is carefully cold forged in high carbon steel and combined with a sturdy ash wood handle and a sturdy counterweight tip. When fully assembled, it is 6 feet long and weighs a bone breaking 3 pounds and 2 ounces!

    Delivered disassembled, the Maasai spear sharp as a razor consists of three parts: first, the blade itself is 22" long by 2" wide and is forged with a thick rib that descends from the center almost to the tip. Second is the brown American ash handle with a double cone that fits into double shimmones connecting the end and blade. The third is the solid and heavy steel spike that is also heat treated for a hard spring temperament, as well as the fearsome blade. This tip tip has a second purpose, since its pointed tip can be used in place of the blade during practice, thus preserving the sharp thread of the boom. When fully assembled, these three components form a fiercely effective weapon!

    Shipped in an attractive box, the Maasai boom includes a robust injection-molded hem to help protect you from unwanted contact with the sharp tip or edge.

    - Material: high carbon steel head, American ash wood rod
    - Total length: approx. 183 cm
    - Head length: approx. 55.5 cm
    - Width of head: approx. 4.5 cm
    - Head weight: approx. 592 g
    - Blade thickness: approx. 2 mm
    - Total weight: approx. 1620 g
    Incl. Secure-Ex ® casing
    - Manufacturer's product number: 95SEE