American Spontoon Spear (MAA) - 1

American Spontoon Spear (MAA)

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Cold Steel® Man at Arms (MAA) American Spontoon

The medieval man of arms was a robust and reliable fighter who exhibited great martial skill with a variety of weapons. He was the veteran of many conflicts and was often the first to enter the fray. To honor these robust earth salt warriors, Cold Steel® created a series of real newsmen's weapons called the Man at Arms Collection.

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  • These battle-ready weapons may not have the polished silver steel structure of Cold Steel's cutting-edge weapons®, but are quite similar in quality and performance. And when well lubricated, they are shimmabyly beautiful by themselves.
    The Man at Arms collection features a selection of some of cold steel's best ®, but at a considerably reduced price. If you've always wanted a Cold Steel ® but couldn't buy one, this collection was made for you.

    The spontoon is basically a reduced-end weapon or a winged spear that often served as a substitute for a rifle or musket in colonial America. Issued in substantial quantity on both sides of all conflicts, from the War of France and India (1754-1763) to the War of 1812, it was carried both as a weapon and as a rank badge or authority by commissioned and non-commissioned officers. Cold Steel President ® Lynn C. Thompson was fascinated by the sponge after reading Tim Willocks' novel, The Twelve Children of Paris(3 times!) And decided to make a Cold Steel model® based on historical examples.

    The blade of the Cold Steel ® has approx. 27 cm long and 4 mm thick, approx. Wings of 9 cm on each side. Designed primarily for pushing, it is also able to perform cuts and blows, while its sharp wings provide substantial capture and entrapment potential as well. Mounted on a sturdy ash wood mast with a decorative 3-ring system, it is suitable for any colonial reenactment and is a fearsome standalone weapon by itself.

    - Material: 1055 high carbon steel head, ash wood rod
    - Total length: approx. 205.7 cm
    - Shaft length: approx. 162.5 cm
    - Head length: approx. 44.8 cm
    - Width of head: approx. 23.8 cm
    - Total weight: approx. 1511 g
    - Cold Steel® Product No. 89MD