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Solomon Sword

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Solomon, king of Israel (sX BC), was the second son of Uriah's wife Bathsheba, which his father, David, had taken as his wife.

He reigned in Israel between 970 and 931 BC and was known and respected for being a wise, just, and powerful king.

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  • He elevated the Israelite monarchy to the greatest degree of prosperity, built the temple in Jerusalem, surrounded the city, and cultivated arts and sciences.

    "It tells the story that a trial occurred in which two women were fighting for the motherhood of a baby and King Solomon, to find out which was the real one, delivered his sword

    to a soldier and ordered him to divide the creature into two, giving half to each. The authentic mother then begged the king not to kill the child and give it to the other woman.

    With this test, Solomon immediately discovers which of the two lied, showing his wisdom and justice "

    • Total length: 120 cm

    A high-quality sword from the exclusive "Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords" collection manufactured by MARTO.

    Certificate of Quality and Origin, Manufactured in Toledo.