Medieval dagger with sheath, regular version - 1

Medieval dagger with sheath, regular version

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Medieval dagger with sheath, regular version

Medieval daggers of this type were mainly used as a secondary weapon by soldiers and archers recruited.

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  • The blade of our battle-ready replica is forged in flexible steel and goes to the handle, to which it is fixed inanely and is hardened to approx. 48 HRC in oil. The edge of the blade is not sharp and also has a deep and quite long groove, and the tip is rounded.

    The handle of the dagger is wrapped in leather and braided wire and has a solid crossbar and an intertogonal handle of cast iron; a wooden sheath covered with leather is also included.

    - Blade material: Spring steel
    - Total length: approx. 44.5 cm
    - Blade length: approx. 29 cm
    - Blade width: approx. 31 mm
    - Includes wooden and leather sheath
    - Decorative version, also available in battle-ready version (Art. No. 0216325706)
    - Weight (no sheath): approx. 560 g