German officer saber

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Replica of a German officer's saber with steel sheath.

Delivery includes steel sheath.

Total length: approx. 94.5 cms

Blade length: approx. 80 cms

Weight (without sheath): approx. 700 gr

Material: EN45 steel

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  • Lionhead saber reproduction of a German officer. The handle is made of brass, the lion's head has two ruby-colored eyes encapsulated. The wooden handle is wrapped with leather and brass wire.
    The non-sharp blade is forged from spring steel, featuring a filling of 55 cm in length. The saber is delivered with a nickel-plated steel sheath.

    A very decorative piece at a low price.

    - Total length: approx. 94.5 cm
    - Blade length: approx. 80 cm
    - Blade material: EN45 steel spring
    - Includes steel sheath to be consemed
    - Weight (without sheath): approx. 700 g