Masonic Sword

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Masonic sword from Marto's new collection. With deep engraving using different contrasts given by hand on the handles and with deep engravings made of acid.  An original and exclusive sword model on the market.

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  • Freemasonry is an institution, non-religious character, philanthropic, symbolic, philosophical and beginning, founded on the feeling of brotherhood. Seek the truth and promote the social and moral development of the human being and the human i. Masons are organized into "lodges" and connect "Grand Lodge", "Grand East" or "Grand Priory".

    Masons use the sword in all their great ceremonies: "It is a tool where the earth element, in which steel emerges, the element fire, what forms and the element water, which combine the spirits." "The edge of the Masonic Sword represent truth and reason, Science and Virtue, and the reflection of its leaf symbolizes the Masonic Light."

    In this exclusive Masones Sword much of the symbols of Freemasonry highlighting the compass and the square, plumb and hammer, the book and the eye of God be seen, and the five-pointed star connected with the initial "G" Great.

    Deal in gold with contrasts in red and leaf with special engraving in deep black acid.

    Length: 116 cm

    Width: 20 cm

    Weight: 2.9 kg

    A high-quality sword from the exclusive "Deep Etched Swords" collection manufactured by MARTO.

    Certificate of Origin and Quality