Dagger Gotica Functional Combat - 2

Dagger Gotica Functional Combat

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Dagger Gotica Functional Combat

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  • Medieval discarded daggers were primarily used as a secondary weapon by untrained knights, mercenaries, and archers. Quillons have bilateral reliefs in the form of a trifolio clover.

    The blade of this decorative replica is forged from spring steel and passes to the pommel, where it is screwed invisible. The beautifully shaped wooden handle is wrapped in leather. The dagger has a huge quillons and a malleable round cast iron handle. The blades are not sharp.

    A wooden sheath matching leather with Ortblech is included.


    - Blade material: spring steel

    - Total length: approximately 43.5 cm

    - Blade length: approximately 29.0 cm

    - Maximum blade width: approximately 31 mm

    - Including wood and leather sheath

    - Regular version, also available, is a battle-ready version (Item no. 0216697306)

    - Weight (without coverage): approximately 520 g